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How do you convince visitors to convert? While multiple elements go into a highly converting landing page, success is usually determined by your landing page goals.

The purpose of a landing page is to generate leads by offering a customer a free resource in exchange for their email address. Marketers and website owners use a landing page to redirect traffic from a PPC ad or social media campaign.

Once you have their email, you can serve relevant content that pulls them further into your sales funnel until they convert.

While the goals are simple and straight-forward in theory, designing a landing page that converts require planning and testing.

In this article, I’ll share landing page examples and actionable tips to help you create a landing page optimized to achieve your conversion goals.

1. Sandals Honeymoons

this landing page example is a great way to harmonize copy and images for conversion

Image Source

Most honeymoon packages are targeted at young newlyweds. Sandal’s Honeymoon gets everything right on this landing page.

  • A young, attractive couple looking like a million dollars – Check
  • Sandy beach and blue skies that stretch for miles – check
  • A cold drink to enjoy the warm summer afternoon – check

Heck, I want to be this couple.

I love the benefits they included.

  • Unlimited gourmet dining
  • Water sports
  • Romantic suites

They use trust badges from Brides Magazine to sell their luxury honeymoon services.

But there’s more in the free honeymoon package.

the best landing pages leverage the word "free" for conversionImage Source

The only thing I would change is the color of the CTA button and the CTA text. It doesn’t draw attention or stand out from the rest of the text.

I would use a blue button and a benefit-driven CTA-text such as “Get Your Free Honeymoon Package”

The key takeaways:

  • If you’re selling a package, use real humans from your target audience to show the expected results. In the case of Sandals Honeymoon, that’s a relaxed, happy couple having a fantastic time.
  • Offer freebies on your landing page. Humans can’t resist a free offer. It’s a great incentive if you sell an expensive item, such as a luxury honeymoon.
  • Build trust from reputable sites in your industry.
  • The CTA is an essential part of your landing page. Hire a landing page copywriter to create a benefit-driven CTA text.

If you’re selling a package, use real humans from your target audience to show the expected results. Share on X


2. Google Cloud Platform

social proof from a brand like Rovio builds trust in your prospects

Image Source

Even if you don’t have any interest in paying for a subscription, you’ll still be tempted by Google’s offer.

I love the blue background, one of Google’s colors. I also love the enticing headline that offers a 60-day free trial. The subheadline says you gain access to the same cloud servers that YouTube and Google are built on.

The benefits are mouthwatering. Access to all cloud platforms and $300 credit for free. Best of all, no auto-charge if you decide not to subscribe after the trial run ends. They only ask for your credit card information to verify that you’re human.

On the left side of the landing page, you can see a list of all Google Cloud products. You know what you’re getting when you click the CTA button.

Key takeaways:

  • Feature reviews from top clients. On this landing page, Google features a testimonial from Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds. Think of testimonials as a stamp of authority. From a large company like Rovio, social proof says your product works.
  • Add a CTA button that contrasts with the primary colors of the landing page. Google uses a green colored CTA button against a white background. It’s big, bold and attractive. The CTA text “try it free” encourages prospects to sign up for the freemium product.
  • Use bullet points to list the benefits of your products. People are skimming. Bullet points help them to see the key benefits of the product.

3. Uber Central

Images are a crucial part of a landing page. Use images that resonate with your target audience I love the headline of Uber Central “Get Your Customers Where They Need to Go with Uber Central.” The target audiences are business owners and companies who order rides for their clients.

Instead of ordering an expensive private taxi, you can request an Uber Central and eliminate the wait. Below the image, they provide more details about how the app works.

Your guest doesn’t need an Uber account. You can send an Uber to them wherever they are. The Uber arrives within 5 minutes.

Uber builds trust with a testimonial from Dean Yamashita, the Director of Sales & Marketing at Hotel Angeleno, Los Angeles. Leverage case studies to show users how you solve problemsKey Takeaways:

  • Explain the benefit of your service/product in the headline. A prospect should take one look at your landing page and understand what you’re offering.
  • I would change the color of the CTA button to contrast with the text. A black CTA button doesn’t stand out in this landing page example.
  • Instead of the CTA text “Get Started,” I would use “Order a ride.”
  • The image of the two women doesn’t work for me. I prefer if they were hotel guests or business executives, smiling as they entered an Uber.
  • A prospect should look at an image and imagine the solution working for them. Uber doesn’t convey that benefit with this image.
  • List the benefits of your product. Uber central offers liability coverage, no wait time, no app needed and centralized billing.
    Explain the benefit of your service/product in the headline. A prospect should take one look at your landing page and understand what you’re offering. Share on X

4. Berkshire Hathaway


Your visitors don’t have time to read text word-for-word. Be direct. Give them the information they came for as quickly as possible.

Berkshire Hathaway’s landing page is perfect. The headline “We know great homes” is a guarantee and a promise. They sell this promise with an image of a luxury home.

Take a look at the high walls, library shelf, luxury furniture, and glass windows.

Enter the city, neighborhood or school district where you’ll like to buy a home, and they’ll show you options.

confidence shines through in this landing page example They also sell houses. Enter your property address. Berkshire Hathaway generates an estimate of your home based on local trends, sales price history, and other neighborhood data.

C:\Users\anteg\Downloads\ScreenGrab\Home_Berkshire_Hathaway_HomeServices_-_2019-10-09_12.45.50.png Berkshire Hathaway also lists the benefits of using their services to buy or sell a home. You’ll work with the best agents and get quality listings.

There’s a testimonial from a happy customer on the left side of the page. It’s proof that agents from Berkshire Hathaway listen to clients. That’s an essential trait of a real estate agent.

Key takeaways:

  • The CTA text is fine, but I would change the color to contrast with the white background. Color contrasts are important when designing calls to action.
  • List the benefits of your product/service.
  • Use social proof to show your product works.
  • Be direct. Give the customer what they came for.

5. Promo

use a benefit driven cta text on your landing page copy Image Source

In the same vein as the previous example, Promo goes right to the point: customers can create their promo videos. The subheadline explains that these are professional marketing videos that will be ready in minutes.

Videos convert on landing pages. You can use videos to explain how your product works. Also, it’s a great way to share customer testimonials.

According to Unbounce, moving pictures on your page increases conversion by up to 80%.

I love the blue CTA button that contrasts with the rest of the background. If you want to see how Promo works, there’s a link to a video below the CTA button.

list the benefits of the product/service instead of the features

Image Source: Promo

Do you notice a pattern with all the examples I’ve listed?

They all describe the benefits of their offer with an H2 subheading. For Promo, these benefits include premium content, fully packaged videos, customer support and a lifetime license for any video you create.

The CTA text, “Try for free” tempts you to click because it’s a freemium product. They further entice you with the words “no credit card required.”


Image Source: Promo

Promo concludes the landing page by building trust with reviews from customers. The third review from Lori Revero is interesting.

She says that her business grew by 40% after using Promo for two months. That’s a result every business wants. They’ve also included logos of famous companies they’ve worked with, including Disney and Virgin.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use videos on your landing page to increase dwell time and engage your users.
  • Show your value proposition in the headline.
  • Use an eye-popping CTA button to catch the visitor’s eye.
  • Write an actionable CTA text to drive action.
  • Share reviews that show how customers used your product to achieve results.
  • If you’ve worked with famous brands, show it off!

6. blow LTD.

Many women care about their looks. Sadly, not all women can afford high-end beauty salons. blow solves this problem by offering affordable, home beauty services. Book an appointment with their app, and they’ll show up on time.

This landing page promotes one offer: home eyelash extensions. They use a uniform CTA at the top of the page and throughout the landing page. use social proof to show customers your product works

The message is direct. No lengthy copy filled with fluffy words. bold clearly states the value of their service: natural home eyelash extensions.

They sweeten the pot with a promo code. There’s a CTA below asking you to “book eyelash extension.” The orange CTA button contrasts with the text on the page and draws attention.

To earn your trust and show you they know their stuff, they’ve included customer testimonials. Blow also has a 4.9/5 rating from 1,451 verified reviews.

blow describes the benefits of their home eyelash extensions. You enjoy comfort at home, all day long. By describing their process, they’re taking away the inconvenience of going to a traditional salon to fix your lashes. one of the best landing page examples of using brand colors for design

Key takeaways:

  • Use a contrasting color to make your CTA button stand out. Share reviews that show off your impressive skills.
  • Hire a landing page copywriter to write a concise and engaging landing page copy.
  • Describe how your product works.
  • Eliminate the risk and barriers to a sale.
  • Offer incentives such as coupons and discount codes to entice a sale.

7. Lending Club

an example of a landing page featuring a generic cta button

Image Source

This landing page is perfect. I like the image of the middle-aged man, the red cta button, pre-populated form, and the headline.

If you’re looking to borrow money, you’ll feel better about your chances knowing that investors have invested over $28 billion through Lending Club.

If you’re an investor looking for returns on your investment, the benefits are enticing.

97% positive returns, earn up to 6% a year and receive 2%-5% of your total investment in cash to withdraw or reinvest.

The pre-populated forms make it easy to fill.

I like the red color that contrasts with the rest of the blue-themed landing page design.

If you want to learn more about Lending Club before signing up, there’s a button under the CTA.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use bold formatting to highlight essential information in your headline. Notice how Lending Club highlights “invested over $28 Billion”.
  • Color contrasting forms and CTA buttons are more attractive. They stand out against the background and encourage signups.
  • Use H2 headers to explain the benefits of your product or offer. Lending Club says that investing through them is similar to investing in bonds. Only with a higher ROI.
  • Instead of the CTA text “start now” I would use “Invest and Earn 6%”

8. The Listings Lab

a landing page example of writing a benefit driven cta text

Image Source

The Listings Lab helps real estate agencies generate qualified leads.

The headline is a question that targets the problem most real estate agencies face. Generating real estate leads.

If you’re stuck at 6-Figures, the Listing Lab shares their technique to help you fill your calendar with appointments.

They removed the discomfort of organizing open houses, cold calling homeowners, and showing homes. You close deals without wasting time.

It’s an irresistible offer that many can’t refuse. Even successful businesses always want more customers.

There’s an arrow that directs your attention to the CTA.

Instead of the generic “Start Now,” this CTA text is crafted around the offer. You’re getting a free PDF that outlines how to grow your real estate business.

Still not convinced? The Listing Lab describes the benefit of their offer with three bullet points. They’ll teach you how to avoid low-quality leads.

You’ll also learn how to get the most out of your time instead of attending networking events or cold calling prospects on your database.

Key takeaways:

  • Highlight the problem to show your audience you empathize with them. Your prospects are more likely to take your CTA if you zero in on the pain point.
  • Where possible, use minimal design to condense information into a single page. Your offer is still valuable without making the page crowded.
  • Write a CTA text that offers a solution to the problem.
Highlight the problem to show your audience you empathize with them. Your prospects are more likely to take your CTA if you zero in on the pain point. Share on X

9. Aura Dating Academy

minimalist landing page designs help the audience focus on the cta

image source

I’m a massive fan of minimalist designs that point to one action. The word “free” grabs the reader’s attention. It’s clear that the message is targeted towards men who need help engaging with women.

I like the CTA button color and text. It’s big, bold and stands out against the dark background. Those who need convincing can watch the testimonial video to hear from a happy customer.

Key Takeaways

  • Minimalist designs focus the reader’s attention on the cta button.
  • Using the word “now” adds a sense of urgency to your CTA button.
  • The word “free” is a trigger word that entices clicks on a landing page.
  • Use videos to convince prospects on the fence that your product works.

10. OUAI


OUAI produces hair styling products for women with curly hair. The first thing I noticed was the “free shipping” offer on orders over $50. That’s an enticing way to get customers to shop more.

The intro copy is really good. “Full, touchable defined curls with none of the crunchiness.”


You can shop items by categories including supplements, treatment, styling, and daily care.

a landing page example on matching intent to your audience

Image Source

But it doesn’t stop there. The popup page also features a gorgeous woman with curly hair. It makes you feel right at home look at the uniform branding on the page.

Key Takeaways

  • Incorporate uniform branding on your landing page. Every design element and copy should align with the needs of your target audience.
  • Use images that make it easy for your audience to identify with the solution.


Responsive design and highly-converting copy are two critical parts to a successful landing page. These landing page examples clearly show the importance of knowing your audience and crafting a benefit-driven copy that solves a pain-point.

Zenith Copywriters have experience writing highly-converting landing page copy for clients across a range of industries. If you need help crafting an engaging landing page copy that achieves your marketing goal, get in touch now.

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