15 Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas That Supercharge Your Blog


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15 Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas That Supercharge Your Blog

People often ask me how they can get blogging inspiration or blog posts ideas. Whether you are a new or experienced blogger, creating content on a schedule is crucial to blogging success.

I get ideas in the weirdest places. Sometimes it’s while I am out on a run, eating breakfast, watching a TV show or sleeping. The truth is, finding new and interesting ideas for your blog post isn’t difficult if you know where to look.

I’ll be sharing 15 tips to find content ideas for your blog, so you can get back on the saddle. Ready? Let’s go!

1.    Google Autocomplete

Google autocomplete is a great place to find blog post ideasGoogle Suggest or Autocomplete feature was introduced in 2008. It’s a neat tool to find ideas for your blog posts. Type some words and attach your niche to it. See the search queries the autocomplete feature suggests.

For instance, if your niche is organic food,  type “organic food tips” “and see what comes up in the suggestion box. Switch it up by adding wildcards to your Google autocomplete search. A wildcard could be an underscore (_) or asterisk (*). The text would now read, “how to _ organic food”. This gives you a handful of blog post ideas.

2.    Blog comments

There’s a food blog I visit. After every post, people ask for the vegan recipe of the dish she just posted. Rather than give them the tip in the comment section, she creates a new post covering that topic. The smart lady is converting her blog comments into topics for subsequent posts without breaking a sweat.

My last blog post was motivated by my connections on LinkedIn. I had a few requests from friends who needed help to create a blogging strategy.

Are you ignoring the gold in your blog comments? Go through your blog and check for recurring questions or deep, insightful replies. They could be your next blog topic. The next time someone asks you the same question, simply refer them to the topic. Easy peasy.

3.      Surveys

Want to know what people want? Simply ask them. If you’re running out of topics that excite your readers, create a survey. Let them tell you what they would like to see. Ask a variety of questions. They could be multiple choice questions or open-ended questions. The responses are fodder material to last a while. Survey Anyplace is a great tool you should explore.

4.    Your competition

No matter how small your niche is, your blog has a competition. Research your competition. Go through their posts and comments. Look at the keywords they are ranking for and questions people ask. You get an idea of your audience interests and what is trending.

5.    Your Subscribers

Your blog should have an email list. Apart from promoting your blog via email, use it to learn from their audience. At the end of your welcome email, ask your subscriber what type of content they want you to publish. Boom! Another user-centric idea field.

6.    Niche magazine

Find inspiration in niche magazines. If you blog about animal care, tech or even leather, there are magazines covering these niches. Read articles online and subscribe to their blog. You’ll get information on what’s trending in your niche and use it to create a blog post.

7.    Be Inspired by Thought Leaders

There are websites that produce thought leadership content in your niche. These websites are ahead of you. They are not your competition. You’re working towards reaching their level of accomplishment.

For instance, if you are a digital marketer, your thought leaders include Neil Patel and Jeff Bullas. Content writers know of the Content Marketing Institute and Copyblogger.

Entertainment bloggers are familiar with TMZ, Perez Hilton and Linda Ikeji. Read useful content on such websites that are related to your industry. Use them to make a better post where you address these topics in a more detailed manner. Find out how to write a detailed blog post here.

8.    Social networking groups

A lot of social media platforms offer users the opportunity to ask questions about a particular topic and receive answers from members. There are Facebook, Quora, Pinterest and Whatsapp groups for every topic imaginable. Join different groups within your niche and discover the questions people are asking.

9.    Keyword research tools

Here are keyword research tools to generate blog post ideas.

10. Google footer

When you ask questions in your niche, Google generates related searches similar to yours. These phrases are at the bottom (footer) of your Google search. They are useful sources of content ideas.

11. Your old content

Use your old content to come up with new blog post ideas. Google Analytics is a great tool to get in-depth data about which post received the most views, comments and social shares. Use the results to create content around your top-performing topics. Find old content that generated lots of traffic. Add new information to beef up the piece.

12. Find a trending topic in your niche

Stay on top of the latest trends in your industry. Sometimes, you don’t need to start a new conversation. Join the conversation your audience is already having. Trending topics go viral and could raise awareness of your blog or business. Visit or subscribe to:

  1. Attend marketing conferences and events in your niche

According to the Convention Industry, 200 million people attend conferences, trade shows, incentive events, exhibitions and business meetings each year. Attending events in your industry impacts knowledge and inspires creativity. Note down ideas for future blog posts.

  1. Interview a team member

If you’re looking for unique ideas for your blog post, how about an interesting member of your team? While your company isn’t about you, there are staff who could provide value to your audience. This works better through teams that work directly with customers. It can help to:

  • Infuse personality in your business
  • Grow your following
  • Humanise your brand
  • Add credibility to your blog
  1. Interview an influencer

Interview a top shot in your industry to gain traction for your blog? If you cannot reach them, interview micro-influencers. They are influencers with a small audience and most will agree to an interview.

In lieu of an interview, do a feature on the leading influencers in your niche. If your niche is around lifestyle, a feature on Gwyneth Paltrow, the owner of one of the most successful lifestyle blog could be a hit.


There are 10,001 places to find blog post ideas. If you implement some of the strategies mentioned here, you’ll find more than a year’s worth of ideas to keep your readers engaged. Blogging success is all about discovery. With every new idea and blog post, you’ll write better content and fuel your blogging strategy.

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