The Ultimate List of Covid 19 Free Resources for SEO and Marketers

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COVID 19 free resources for seo and marketers

In the US, one in four US businesses has shut down and 7.5 million small businesses are at risk of closing their doors permanently if coronavirus pandemic persists for the next couple of months.

Jobless claims exceeded 20 million in 4 weeks and 35.7 million Americans are at risk of unemployment.

These are just stats for the US alone. It’s a similarly grim picture across the world where businesses have closed shop, employees left in limbo, freelancers unable to earn, and a ton of shitty things happening since the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re home right now wondering what your next steps should be, trying to learn a new skill to pass the time or you want to empower your remote workers, this post is for you.

This is probably the only time you’ll have access to a $3k course for free. If you love the Covid 19 free resources in this article or you know someone who could benefit from this list, please share it with them.

Covid 19 Free Resources for SEO and Marketing

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1.      Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a great tool for keyword researchTo be clear, Ubersuggest is no longer a free tool. Only ONE section is currently open. Neil Patel recently opened up the keyword ideas report and the historical keyword data as his contribution to marketers facing financial difficulty.

First off, Ubersuggest is awesome for keyword research. Get deeper insights such as how many searches a keyword had over the past 12 months to determine if it’s seasonal.

Besides Google, Ubersuggest pulls data from their native database to show you all the keywords your competition ranks for.

You can also use Ubersuggest to spy on your competitor’s SEO strategy. The data helps you tweak your campaign based on what’s working, so you gain a competitive edge.

If you’re a local business, there’s a ton of local keyword suggestions to improve local SEO for small businesses.

2.      Ahrefs Blogging for Business Course by Tim Soulo – Original Value of $799

Ahrefs released blogging for business as part of their covid 19 resourceYou know your resource is awesome when you’ve got the likes of Brian Dean saying your course is “very well done.”

There are 10 lessons in all. Each lesson takes on an aspect of growing your blog from creating a blogging strategy and optimizing your article to maximize search juice.

To be fair, this course is not for you if you’re an expert content marketer. It would merely serve as a refresher course or shed light on a few things you’ve missed down the road.

If you’re a total newbie to blogging, this is a goldmine you must have. It contains all the information on using SEO to grow a blog through organic traffic.

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, this course was $799. But Ahrefs opened free access for everyone who wants to upskill during this difficult period.

3.      Moz Academy – Original Value of $3,015

One of the best SEO courses during corona virusLooking for an alternative to Ahrefs? Try Moz, a Seattle-based SEO company selling inbound marketing and analytics software subscriptions.

I use the Chrome extension to check a website’s domain authority. I also use Moz to analyze where a competitor gets their backlinks (directly from my chrome browser).

If you want to learn SEO, MOZ is an amazing resource. Topics covered include technical SEO, the basics of link building, local SEO, on-page SEO, and more.

The Moz Academy has an in-depth range of resources for beginners and professionals alike. I recommend this resource for SEO copywriters who want to do more than content writing for clients.

Prior to the coronavirus, registration costs a whopping $3,015. To access this COVID 19 free resource, sign up, pick a course you like, and use the code “wegotthis” at checkout to get the course for free!

4.      SEMRush Academy

semrush is offering free covid 19 resourcesSimilar to Ahrefs, SEMRush is an SEO tool for doing keyword research, running competitor analysis, conducting SEO audits, creating an SEO content outline, topic clusters, and more.

They also offer an academy where you’ll learn how to use SEMRush to do link building, keyword research, digital marketing, content marketing, and more.

Watch video lessons, download resources, take quizzes, exams, and receive a certificate at the end of the course.

They’ve also offered free access to their lead generation service, Oppty (starting March 30) and Social Media Toolkit (starting April 1).

5.      Spyfu

Spyfu is awesome for doing competitive research and its a free coronavirus resourceWhen I’m trying to set up an outreach campaign, I sometimes face difficulty in finding the contact details for a website.

So far, Spyfu is the best tool I’ve used for doing competitor analysis, setting up an outreach or link building campaign, monitoring my campaign, and tracking results.

It’s also great for finding keywords your competitors buy on Google Ads and those they rank for organically on search results.

Spyfu recently announced that the tool is free during COVID 19. Send a message to and request the free version.

6. Link Research Tools SEO Certification – Valued at €445

link research tool is offering free seo courses as a free covid 19 resourceLRT is a comprehensive SEO tool that does everything from Backlink Analysis, Link Monitoring, Link Audit, Link Building, Competitor Analysis, and Link Detox. They’ve taken out the risk, so you’re working with confidence.

LRT Associates is an online SEO certification where you learn how to use LRT tools for link prospecting, Google penalty recovery, SEO metrics, Link Quality Checks, and more.

7. Spocket Original Value of $19.88

free SEO courses from spocket during covid 19Spocket claims to be the biggest dropshipping supplier, wholesaler, and distributor of high-quality products from the US/EU to the rest of the world.

Their academy includes courses on using SEO, Facebook, Instagram, Email and more to grow your dropshipping business. There are four courses in the SEO section and all are part of Covid 19 free resources.

8.      Craig Campbell Advanced SEO Course – Original Price of £999 Per Person

craig is offering free resources for covid 19Want to learn search engine optimization from one of the best in the game? Craig Campbell is an SEO expert with over 17 years in SEO marketing, consulting, and digital marketing.

His advanced SEO course takes you from a beginner level to an advanced level in a couple of weeks. You’ve got seven days from the date of registration to complete this SEO course, so don’t sleep on it!

7.      Hootsuite

Hootsuite is offering free social media management during covid 19Do you want to streamline your social media activities without feeling overwhelmed? Hootsuite is a social media manager that allows you to post to multiple accounts, manage your posts, and more.

It keeps track of your posts, manages your social media channels, and helps you monitor brand mentions so you can respond instantly.

As part of their contribution, they’re offering free access to the professional plan for nonprofits and small businesses to stay connected to their target audience during COVID-19.

You also have access to a massive library of training videos where you’ll learn how to create engaging content, manage brand reputation, and create content efficiently. Plans are free until July 1st,2020.

Note that you’ll have to enter your credit card details because it runs on their regular billing system, but you won’t be charged or enrolled in auto-renewal.

8.      Yoast SEO: All-Around SEO Training – Original Value of $199

Yoast SEo is offering free SEO training during the coronavirusIf you use WordPress as your content management system, you’ve probably come across Yoast SEO. It’s a free SEO copywriting tool that helps you optimize your content.

There are suggestions on keyword placement, usage, and readability improvement to enhance your content for both readers and search engines alike.

The all-around training helps you master SEO skills, get practical tips to increase your ranking, learn Technical SEO, and avoid costly SEO mistakes.

9.      SPI Media’s Online Business Toolkit – Valued at $1 million

free covid 19 resources from Smart passive income worth $1mPat Flynn knows his stuff where online marketing and growing a seven-figure business is concerned. On his website, you’ll find a ton of free resources on how to earn passive income and diversify your revenue streams.

In the wake of COVID-19, SPI media assembled a large library containing free online business resources to help small businesses in this uncertain time.

This toolkit includes free podcasts, resources, books, videos, and expert advice to motivate you.

10.  Skillshare and Bombay Sapphire – Original Value of $30

Skillshare is offering free trainging during the coronavirusLooking to pick up a new skill during the lockdown? Skillshare is an American online e-learning community for people who want to learn new skills via educational videos.

Categories include creative writing, web development, marketing, and business analytics.

Skillshare and Bombay Sapphire have partnered to provide a two-month premium account for free. You don’t have to submit your credit card details so no worries there.

Simply visit the site with the link above, create an account, and start learning new skills.

11.  Advanced Bootcamp from – Original Price of $299

free schema markup training from schema.orgAdding schema markup to your website’s HTML helps search engines like Google and Bing to better understand information on your page and return richer, more informative results. is a collaborative community where you can create schemas for structured data. The advanced Bootcamp begins with the basics of structured data, moves up to training on common applications of for websites, and covers semantic search analysis for applying structured data on your website.

12.  Content Marketing Course by Siege Media – Original Price of $749

free content marketing course from siege mediaSiege Media is a full-service content marketing agency offering services such as web design, animation, video marketing, link building and more.

They have a content marketing course aimed at teaching marketers how to 4X link placement and organic traffic.

Formerly priced at $749, they’re offering free access to those who are recently unemployed due to COVID-19. Send an email to and they’ll add you as soon as possible.

13.  Inbound Marketing Course by Hubspot – Free

free forever inbound marketing course by hubspotHubSpot is an all in one marketing software to help businesses develop their inbound marketing, get more sales, and improve customer service.

They also help you improve your blogging strategy, rank for more keywords, and optimize your emails and landing pages for conversion.

I don’t know any SaaS company offering more value-packed free courses than HubSpot. I took the inbound marketing course last year and I learned a lot.

Before the course, I was confused about what to blog or how to create a blogging strategy that drives more organic traffic and leads. The inbound marketing course helped me figure it out.

I recommend this course if you want to diversify your inbound traffic channels and get the most bang for your content marketing activities. There are other free marketing certification courses so check those out as well.

14.  CXL Minidegree –Original value of $699

a minidegree conversion optimization course during covid 19CXL Institute is a leading training provider of data-driven marketing. They also offer managed conversion optimization and experimentation services to help companies accelerate growth.

I’ve followed Peep Laja for about three years and he’s one of the best conversion optimization specialists I’ve come across.

They released a Growth Marketing Minidegree for people who are affected by the coronavirus outbreak. However, only specific industries apply. They include hospitality, food services, travel, transportation, brick, and mortar retail.

This is an awesome opportunity to learn conversion optimization, digital analytics, digital psychology, and a ton of digital skills. You’ve got 12 weeks to complete the course, which is sufficient time for anyone.

15.  Udemy – Free Resource Centre

free video courses to upskill during covid 19 from UdemyIf you love e-learning, you’ve probably heard of Udemy. It’s a US-based online learning platform for students and professionals alike. There are over 57,000 instructors, 50 million students, and thousands of courses in over 65 languages.

Udemy put together a special section for business owners and individuals alike to learn new skills. Topics include personal productivity, web development, photography classes, digital marketing, and more.

16.  Stacy Caprio’s WordPress for Beginners Course

Want to set up and customize your WordPress website? Stacy Caprio, an online marketer, and web designer is offering a WordPress Beginner course to teach you how to build your own website in under 50 minutes.

Her course is usually paid, but she created the code BLOGNOW1 to allow anyone to get her course for free during this time.

17.  Gro•Haus –  Free Strategy Consultation to Help You Reposition Your Offer

Free strategy consultationGro•Haus is a Growth Strategy firm focused on helping companies grow by providing more value and better experiences for their customers.

The firm offers one-off strategy sessions, ongoing coaching, and monthly retainer engagements as well as a variety of one-off products.

Gro•Haus is currently offering free strategy sessions (normally priced at $150/hr) to businesses of any size impacted by the Pandemic.

In this One-hour strategy session, you’ll discuss your business, the challenges you’re facing due to the shutdown, and how you can best position your business for recovery.

18.  Heather Farris Free Pinterest Marketing Training

free lockdown course on using pinterest to increase trafficHeather’s Quarantine Pinterest Training is designed to help you understand how to use Pinterest to grow your business.

You’ll learn how to properly set up your account, create pins & write strategic descriptions as well as how to automate your pins & read your analytics.

The training is ideal for businesses who want to use Pinterest to increase content marketing ROI.

19.  Class Central – COVID 19 Training Resources

free marketing courses during covid 19Class Central is a site where people can discover and review online courses. Since 2011, Class Central has helped over 25 million learners decide which online course to take.

In the wake of COVID-19, hundreds of online courses are now available for free, including nearly 450 courses from eight Ivy League Universities.

The courses span a large range of subjects that are relevant to business owners and marketers, such as building a startup, business writing, digital marketing, and viral marketing.

Here are a couple of relevant course lists that CEO and founder Dhawal Shah has compiled:

Ivy League Courses You Can Take for Free

50+Free Digital Marketing Courses to Upgrade your SEO, Content Marketing & Analytics Skills

90 free Online Courses to Improve Your Writing Skills

20.  Black Propeller – Free PPC Management Service for 2 Months (Valued at $2,000+)

free ppc management service during covid 19Black Propeller is a PPC management agency. They are a Facebook Marketing Partner, Google Partner, and Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner.

John Thornton, the CEO of Black Propeller is offering 2 free months of PPC Management services to small businesses affected by COVID 19. You can reach out to John via email or fill the contact form to learn more about this Covid 19 free resource.

21.  Free Promotional Videos from Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse is a California based video marketing, advertising, and video production company. They use elements of storytelling to create branded films and commercials that achieve your business and marketing goals.

They’re supporting local businesses affected by the coronavirus with free promotional videos. These videos will get the word out about what you do and the value of your products and services.

Submit the form on the page and include as many details as possible to help them understand your video needs.

22. Blue Array SEO Original Value of £997

blue array seo certificationBlue Array is a UK specialist SEO agency, helping startups and global brands achieve their SEO goals.

The recently-launched Blue Array Academy offers a complete SEO Manager certification program with over 20 modules to help you get things done within your business.

Topics covered include Technical Audit, Local SEO, International SEO, on-page SEO, and much more. Whether you’re an in-house SEO or a digital marketer interested in SEO, this training program can help you to achieve your business goals.

Normally priced at £997, get free access by using the code WeGotYouCovered at checkout (expires June 30, 2020).

23. Kelly Wade’s Mini 3-Point Marketing Strategy — Original Value of $200

Wish you could get personalized marketing advice but you can’t afford to hire a marketing strategist? Kelly from K. M. Wade is changing that.

She’s offering a free mini marketing strategy for anyone affected by COVID-19. You’ll get 3 super effective strategic actions to help you win more sales, generate sustainable business growth, and achieve your business goals.

You’ll need to fill out a form to request your strategy. Kelly bases her recommendations on your goals, challenges, and preferences and she can’t do that if you don’t provide a bit of info. Get in quick before spaces fill up!

Other Free Courses to Check Out

Free courses on Coursera

16 LinkedIn Learning Courses

Free Covid-19 Business Impact Survey by Satismeter

Covid 19 Free Resources for Remote Working and Productivity


24.  Calendly

calendlt offering free zoom integration during covid 19I love Calendly. If you’re looking for the perfect scheduling tool that keeps track of your meetings, interviews, and appointments, get Calendly.

It’s a productivity app that allows prospects and clients alike to schedule a virtual meeting with you. Calendly is also great if you have a remote team around the world.

Simply integrate with your Google, Office 365, or Outlook calendar and Calendly syncs to your availability.

It also syncs with a range of tools including Zoom for video conferencing, Salesforce for sales/marketing operation, and HubSpot for CRM.

Calendly is offering free integration for Zoom and GoTo Meetings between now through June to help businesses communicate seamlessly during Covid19.

25.  Atlassian

Atlassian makes remote working affordable and easy-peezy for businesses with team members based across the world.

Top products include Jira, Trello, Confluence, and Atlassian Access. Right now, everything is free for teams of up to 10 people.

Small businesses have access to Confluence, Jira Software, Jira Core and Jira Service Desk, Bitbucket, Trello, and Opsengenie at no charge.

If you want access to Trello Business Class, that’s available for free to educators at K-12 schools and higher institutions.

26.  Airtable

free access to airtable during covid 19Based out of San Francisco, Airtable is a cloud collaboration service that stores information in a visually appealing spreadsheet.

Fields are similar to an excel spreadsheet but it has elements such as phone number, checkbox, and a drop-down list.

It also works as a database where you can add records, set up column types, link tables, and collaborate remotely.

On the 16 of March, Airtable announced that  Airtable Pro plans are available for free indefinitely. But the product is only available to a humanitarian, non-political group working on COVID-19 relief.

Complete this form and they’ll get back to you within one business day.

They’ve opened up their enterprise-only remote live training for everyone. It includes resources on how to create your CRM, product roadmap, project tracker, and content calendar in Airtable. Students transitioning to remote classes have free access to all Pro plans.

27.  Zoho Remotely

zoo remotely is free during covid 19Recently moved your brick-and-mortar business online? Zoho makes your transition easier with a suite of mobile and web apps to communicate and collaborate with remote team members.

Zoho Remotely apps include Meeting, Cliq, Sheet, Writer, Show, and Assist. Remotely will be free until July 1, 2020.

28.  Freshworks

freshworks is free to use during covid 19Freshworks is a software company that develops and hosts customer support and knowledgebase services. Where business software is usually clunky, expensive, and difficult to set up, Freshworks offers cloud-based software that is ready to go and requires minimal customization.

Freshworks is currently offering free access and unrestricted use to small businesses with less than 50 employees. Your free access includes customer engagement tools, Freshchat, and Freshcaller for six months.

29.  CiraSync Enterprise Edition

CiraSync software automates syncing of Office 365 shared contacts and calendars to smartphones. They make it easy for large-team to communicate more efficiently and strategically.

The CiraSync Enterprise Edition suite is now available, free of charge for 180-days, to any emergency or front-line organizations in need of better communications. No contract or fee required.

The offer extends to emergency medical services, hospitals, governments, fire and police departments, care homes, hospices, universities, and schools.

30.  DirectSuggest – Employee Suggestion Box Application

DirectSuggest is an employee suggestion box application. They enable employees to easily make suggestions and for employers to improve innovation and efficiency.

DirectSuggest is usually no more than $0.50 per-employee per-month. However, they’re currently offering a free 90-day promotional offer to assist businesses affected by the coronavirus. Use the promo code HELP when signing up for a FREE 90-Day subscription.



More COVID 19 Free Resources to Explore



Got COVID 19 free resources you’d like to share? Reach out to me and I’ll include your resource in this list. Hopefully, these tools, courses, and resources will keep you busy and soften any blow you’ve suffered in this crazy time.


Remember to do your part. Stay indoors, practice social distancing, and wash your hands often.

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