Highly Effective Landing Pages Written By Conversion Copywriters

The landing page is the first point of contact web users have with your website. You must make a good first impression if you want them to become brand loyalists. Zenith Copywriters create an error-free landing page that delivers high conversion rates.

An effective landing page must complete two tasks. Drive traffic and increase revenue for your business. We provide copywriters who convert prospects from your landing pages. Our wordsmiths understand how your audience thinks. We know what drives their decision and the key influencers when they decide to convert.

Zenith Copywriting Agency creates the highest quality of landing page content. We write landing pages that attract visitors and leave a good first impression. Our style of writing is direct, actionable and instinctive. We leverage our research and knowledge of your target audience to get them to take your desired call to action.

You’ve seen hundreds of landing pages when doing your research, browsing websites or looking through a blog. Only a few captivate your attention and make you click the “sign up” or “buy” button. The message felt like it was written for you. Our landing page copywriters mentioned your problem. We offer a solution and give you an incentive. All in one copy.

When you choose us, you’re accessing an experienced team of conversion copywriters. We bring customers to your website with persuasive headlines and an engaging copy.

The perfect blend of SEO-Optimised and reader-friendly content

Are your service pages not driving the expected results? No traffic from landing pages? You need better content to leapfrog your competitors. A Google-friendly landing page improves your lead generation efforts. Our landing page copywriting drives organic traffic from real humans who need your products/services. We help search engines easily index your content for location and keyword. This ensures that the right visitors view your landing page.

Zenith Copy optimises your landing pages for SEO. You’re not receiving generic traffic. We drive targeted traffic that is ready to convert. The key is finding the balance between high-quality content and SEO. Your landing page copy must incorporate the right keywords to engage the audience and sell products.

You might assume you don’t need to optimise your landing pages because of it’s finite nature. This thinking limits the ability of your landing pages to generate long-term leads.

Landing page copywriting that converts

Conversion is the primary goal of a landing page. We narrow the audience to a small size and ensure the copy relates to their needs.

Think of the different backgrounds of your target audience. Their locations, jobs and the source of traffic. Each landing page is written for audiences from a unique traffic source and demographic background.

In a competitive market where you’ve struggled to attract customers, you need a great content marketing strategy. Zenith Copywriters develop strategies that tell your audience who you are and why they should take your CTA.

We generate leads for your sales team to follow up on. Your landing page copy is persuasive, benefit-driven and simple.

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Guidelines we follow when writing your SEO landing page

Keyword research

This crucial step is relevant to the success of your landing page. It is a long, drawn-out process but the rewards are worth it.

For instance, a solicitor based in Lagos might be trying to rank high for “personal injury lawyer”.  We use long tail keywords such as “personal injury lawyer in Lagos”, or specific location keywords such as “personal injury lawyer in Lekki”. Long tail keywords are less competitive and easier to rank high for. You generate more ROI from your marketing campaign.

We create a compelling title tag that encourages click-through. The title tag is the blue link that shows on SERP results.  We include a succinct meta description to provide insight into your landing page. Your landing page copy is categorized in order of hierarchy from H1 to H6.

The H1 header tells Google that this is your most important message. Keywords are sprinkled sparingly throughout your content to avoid keyword stuffing.

If you’re looking to drive the most traffic from Google, a well-researched, long-form landing page attracts more readers. Google views it as a sign of excellent content and gives your page a ranking bump.

15 landing page copy statistics you should know

  • 52% of companies that use landing pages test them to find ways to improve conversion
  • 48% of landing pages make the mistake of including multiple offers
  • 42% of offer graphics on landing pages are not clickable
  • 75% of businesses struggle to find the expertise required to optimise a landing page copy.
  • You increase conversion by 86% when you add video to your landing page
  • Increasing your landing page from 10 to 15 generates 55% more leads.
  • Companies with over 40 landing pages get 12x more leads than those with 5 or less landing pages
  • Long-form landing pages generate up to 220% more leads
  • You have 8 seconds to make a compelling argument
  • Over 90% of visitors who read your headline read the CTA copy
  • Only 50% of landing pages are optimised for mobile
  • 80% more users read your landing page copy when it includes bold, attractive images
  • Adding contact information builds trust and increases conversion
  • 88% of consumers trust customer reviews and testimonials

Our tricks for writing an engaging landing page copy

Include customer testimonials

At Zenith Copy, we believe that customer testimonials are the most powerful way to show your target audience the efficacy of your offering. It drives insane traffic because consumers trust each other. No one can write a better, heart-felt copy than a happy customer. They show your prospects the experience they enjoy when they use your service or product.

Benefits over features

Selling the experience is an important feature of a landing page copy. We’ve learned that customers don’t care about you or your product and that’s okay. They only want the solution.

For instance, if you sell refrigerators, we’ll highlight the benefits. It might include; energy-saving features, low carbon footprints, an ice maker that produces ice in one minute, food stays fresh for four days (even with a power outage) and a 5-year warranty.

In one copy, we’ve shown your product saves money on electricity bills, reduces their carbon footprints, produces ice at a quicker pace and they don’t have to worry about spoilt food, even without electricity. We pitch the benefits your customers want to hear.

The killer headline

The headline is the most important part of your landing page copy.  Online users are scanning content without reading your copy word-for-word. We adapt your copy to meet the readers skimming habit.

The headline is the first step to convincing the reader that your copy is worth their time. Other parts of the copy that attracts the reader’s attention include images, the subheadline and CTA buttons.

The headline we write for you is direct, relevant to the visitor’s search query and empathises with the visitor’s plight.

Use your target persona demographics to write a great copy

Our landing page copywriting is personalised. It is written to a specific audience with a specific message. We consider their demographics such as gender, occupation and age. Each persona wants something different from your company. We create a different landing page to meet their needs based on data.

Answer the question “why”

A customer-centric copy must answer the question “why buy from us?”, “why take our call to action?”. Once we understand why they visited your pages, we create a personalised copy. Our writers put in the hard work required for a customer-focused copy.

Simple and concise

Simplicity is crucial to web copies. Literary prowess is useless if it doesn’t sell. The most memorable landing pages are effective because they are incredibly simple. No hidden words. No jargon-speak. No confusing message that causes the reader to scratch their head.

Cliché words won’t work. Readers can see past all that. We use short sentences and a simple sentence structure. Our writers remove complicated grammar and replace it with basic words that describe your message.

Humanistic writing

When you read your copy, it should sound exactly like a conversation between two people. No one wants to read a strained, robotic copy deprived of human emotions.

Landing pages are for humans, so we make it personal. We use words a ten-year-old would understand. We are not afraid to break grammar rules if it sounds natural and communicates your offering more effectively. We write directly to your audience using “you” and “your”. We are funny, friendly and conversational.

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Convert visitors into qualified leads with Zenith Landing Page Copywriting

Our native English-speaking copywriters deliver your landing page copy on time. Your writer is thoroughly screened. They pass through our rigorous training before working on your copy. We’ve got experienced editors and project managers who cross-check their work to ensure it is perfect before sending it to you.

Our landing pages generate ROI for your business. Think of our copies as light bulbs that illuminate your website in a dark room and make your services visible to targeted prospects. We’ve written thousands of landing pages for all niches and industries. Zenith copywriters have penned landing pages for locations in the UK, US, Australia and Canada.

Your landing page will have a focused message that cuts through the noise. It is aimed at a target audience to promote one offer or service. We provide information that meets their expectations. Your copy includes limited options to prevent distractions from your CTA.

Why choose us?

We craft an irresistible offer

We build trust with your customers through an irresistible offer. It is something they value and directly related to the subject matter. It could be an e-book, report, whitepaper or free trial.

A proven formula for success

We use a descriptive copy that shows the benefits and features. Our conversion copywriters include social proof and testimonials, complete with a gorgeous image.

Marketing-focused landing pages

A standard landing page copy won’t work in a saturated market. It must be written with your target audience in mind. You have one chance to get the copy and CTA right if you want to generate leads. We’ll make you stand out. Your audience listens to your message.

Transparent and affordable pricing

Are you tired of throwing money down the drain? If you need landing pages that work, we offer transparent pricing that won’t hijack your digital marketing budget. Our prices are fixed up front because honesty is our policy.

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