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Medical and healthcare writing is seen as boring. Readers usually don’t get past the first paragraph before losing interest. Medical and healthcare professionals who write their own copy use jargon words that confuse their target audience.

To connect with your audience in a complex field, you need a copywriter that can translate dense messages into words the audience understands. Zenith Copywriters are word slingers. We deliver clear and concise information for healthcare providers. Our SEO copy achieves your marketing objectives.

Medical and healthcare copywriting areas we cover include

  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare services
  • IVF and fertility treatment
  • Medical development
  • Medical equipment advances
  • Drug development and telemedicine

Our medical writers deliver timely, accurate and cost-effective documents according to scientific and ethical standards. Zenith writers are an extension of your team. We guide you through research and clinical data that demonstrates the efficacy of your product.

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High-quality documents that guides your audience

You need high- quality writing to take your medical device or product from concept to market. If you require research and thousands of pages of documentation for your new drug application, Zenith Copywriters will help. To maximise time, your reports and documents must be clearly written without errors while maintaining full regulatory compliance.

Our medical copywriters communicate your message to any type of audience. Zenith Copy provides the extra value of streamlined and continuous communication throughout the lifecycle of your project.

We offer a single point of contact and a team of medical writers. Zenith Copy also caters to medical device manufacturers. Your output could be multimedia, hard copy and online format.

Grow your practice with medical copywriting from Zenith Copy Abuja

The primary focus of your company is to provide the highest quality of care to your customers. Sadly, in today’s competitive market, a desire to help your client is not enough. You must grow your practice to succeed.

Zenith Copy actively markets your brand to increase awareness and make it attractive to new customers. There are many users looking for your services and we’ll bring them to you.

Everyone is competing. Rehab centres with therapists and home nurses; general practitioners with specialists; surgical centres vs hospitals and numerous medical arenas.

With the plethora of choices, customers are picky. They do their homework and only select a medical provider who genuinely cares for them. To compete and retain clients, you must promote. Your medical practice cannot afford to sit back and wait for referrals to come on a platter.

A professional website is the first step. For your website to succeed, you need the services of a professional medical and healthcare copywriter. Here’s what you get from Zenith Copywriters

  • Enhance your reputation
  • Build your healthcare brand
  • Gain patient loyalty
  • Improve local awareness
  • Grow your client/patient base and increase ROI

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Be the solution your patients want

When a prospective patient enters a search query on Google, they are looking for the best solution. Your website copy elevates your brand. It tells people who you are, what you do and the unique qualifications that make you the best solution. The website content we write differentiates your healthcare practice from the competition in your local area. It is written to only attract patients that convert.

Here are a few interesting data to consider

  • 72% of internet users have used search engines to find information relating to their health in the past year.
  • Before going to a medical facility, 38% of internet users conduct an online search.
  • The most commonly researched topics are doctors, health professionals, diseases, medical conditions and treatment procedures.
  • 26% of patients use customer reviews when considering a medical service

Your medical practice needs SEO to be visible to prospective patients. Our writers conduct keyword research before writing your copy. We stay updated on the current Google ranking factors to ensure your content ranks high. Whether you’re a cardiologist, paediatrician or dentist, the content we write for you will get you to the first or second page of search engine results.

It is also important that your website is populated with engaging, high-quality content. We can create blog posts to update your site, educate your clients and give search engines more pages to index. We write online copy that establish you as an authority in your niche. Your unique message will be presented in a language your audience understands.

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Tricks we apply to your medical copy

Understand the message and get the tone right

Before writing a line of text, we take time to understand the message and the goal of the copy. It guides the language, tone and style we’ll use in your medical and healthcare copy.

When writing to doctors and healthcare professionals, the tone is more serious and less fluffy. We focus on gathering evidence to support your claim and write in a way that commands respect from your audience. We research guidelines, dispel common misunderstanding about your product and include references. Our writers make your copy attractive with nice imagery.

When writing to a larger audience, such as prospective patients, we use simple language that a 12-year-old will understand. Your audience isn’t confused, misinformed or losses the key points you’re trying to communicate.

Use examples to drive home the point

The easiest way to communicate a complex message is to paint a picture in the reader’s mind. We use words that help them visualise the solution. For instance, when advising patients to avoid fatty food, we suggest healthy meals they can eat instead. If we ask them to walk more or exercise, we tell them the direct benefits and the positive impacts on their lives.

Relatable content

A healthy person won’t worry about cancer or the next revolutionary medical device. But with the right facts and statistics, our copywriters establish a connection between your message and your clients’ lives. They might know someone who is eating unhealthy, or struggling with a heart or liver condition. It becomes easier to engage the reader when they feel connected to you.

Google-friendly content

When writing your content, we want users to quickly find your healthcare website and its services. Great online content must be optimised for the user and search engines. Zenith Copywriters write content that increases your visibility in search engines. We drive massive traffic to your professional website.

Our exhaustive keyword research combined with user intent ensures that we’re using the right terms, phrases and words. We speak to your audience in a language they understand.

Clear and concise medical copy

The best health and medical copywriters know how to toe the line between being friendly and maintaining a professional tone. Internet searchers use the simplest terms when looking for content. We make it easy to find you. They get fast answers to questions they are looking for. From the first paragraph, they know what’s in it for them.

 Achieve your business objectives

A good medical copy begins with the most important information and leads from there. We identify the problem, explain the symptoms and proffer the solution. Our writers avoid jargon sentences that confuse the reader. Plain language rules.

We hook your readers from the first line to keep them interested. An emotional connection carries them through the next line of text. We humanize the solution to make it applicable.

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