10 Landing Page Copywriting Mistakes That Hurt Conversion

Copywriting mistakes on a landing page don’t just hurt conversion. It could affect your online reputation and ruin the trust you’ve built with your customers. When i started out as a copywriter, I used to write really long CTAs that filled out an entire line. I felt like a rock star because I didn’t know […]

10 Landing Page Examples to Increase Conversion Rate

How do you convince visitors to convert? While multiple elements go into a highly converting landing page, success is usually determined by your landing page goals. The purpose of a landing page is to generate leads by offering a customer a free resource in exchange for their email address. Marketers and website owners use a […]

These Landing Page Hacks Will Blow Conversion Through the Roof

Why is your landing page not working? Are you using several CTAs? Do your prospects not trust you? Whatever the reasons, landing page hacks will help you optimise your copy for higher conversion rates. A landing page is a page a visitor lands on from an Ad, social media page, an external link, or even […]

7 White Hat Link Building Techniques You Should Explore in 2019

White hat link building is one of the most time-consuming aspects of search engine optimisation. Some website owners consider link-building a waste of time and effort. Others, just buy backlinks on Fiverr, “1000 links for $5”. While black hat tactics bring immediate return (a couple of days or weeks), the resulting Google penalty is not […]

A Full-Proof Process to Write a Landing Page Copy That Convert

Writing landing page copy is an art. It’s also the science of the mind. The best products in the world won’t hit record sales if you can’t convince your target customers to take action. To write a landing page copy that converts, you must combine the art of writing with the psychology of persuasion. If […]

How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

Data from the Content Marketing Institute shows that most marketers don’t have KPIs for measuring the success of a campaign. However, marketers have to justify the spend for their content marketing efforts; either to a manager, CFO, or a client. While statistics reveal that content marketing works, which specific aspects of content marketing should you […]

The Ultimate Guide For Writing Landing Pages

If you wanted to catch a Channel catfish or Mountain Whitefish, you would go to places like Utah where such species of fish are native to its waters. If you were after Striped Bass, you would go to the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. What has writing landing pages got to do with fishing? Think of […]

10 Product Description Examples to Inspire Creativity

What does a compelling product description include? A good product description drives customers through your sales funnels. While most customers are influenced by the product image, a great product copy answers questions. It helps them determine if your product is the right fit. If you’re having trouble writing an e-commerce product description that sells, I’ve […]

What is the Ideal Length of a Product Description?

Ever read a lengthy product description that left you more confused about what the product does? You probably bounced after 20 seconds of skimming the lengthy description on the page. What is the Ideal Length of a Product Description? Should every product copy have the same word count? Is less always better? Some expert copywriters […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing A Product Description Copy

It’s a hot summer afternoon and you’ve set out to your favourite coffee shop for a cup of watermelon and pineapple smoothie. You arrive at the shop but have a change of mind. You tell the salesperson “Surprise me” He gives you a confused look because it’s his first week. He’s still getting the hang […]

A Psychological Approach To Write a Product Description

In the past, a great picture with one or two lines of text would suffice for a product description. Consumers could walk into a store, look at the product and feel it. If you were unsure, you could receive a free sample to test the product before committing to a sale. This was prior to […]

Local SEO: The Ultimate Guide for Small Businesses in 2019

Two weeks ago, I was speaking to my friend on the phone. We talked about small business owners who try to do SEO on their own but end up throwing money down the drain. He narrated a story about a new client who came to him after spending money on paid search without seeing any […]

11 Things That Hurt Your Website Ranking and How to Fix Them

Sites at the top of Google SERP have a 33% chance of getting clicked. You can’t generate leads without visibility or traffic. If you rely on search engines for traffic, SEO is a priority for you. Sadly, a Google penalty impedes your efforts and prevents you from reaching the top page. Which mistake is hurting […]

8 SEO Skills You Need to Become A Search Expert

  SEO is tied to the fabric of the internet. You do it without realising it. It’s more than just choosing keywords and creating content around them. It has evolved into entities, semantics and keywords based on search intent. SEO is everything you do to rank high on search engines. Most people never go beyond […]

18 Blogging Tools You Need to Succeed in 2019

We didn’t have auto mechanic shops with tech tools when I was younger. If your car had a problem, the mechanic would check a few parts and speculate. If they fixed one issue and a second fault developed, they speculated again. Today, we’ve got car diagnosis tools that run a full check to access the […]

15 Blogging Mistakes That Could Ruin You

I made my first attempt to blog in 2011. The goal was to highlight socio-political issues affecting women and young people in Nigeria. I was having fun and enjoying the feedback from my small fan base of 50 readers, mostly in Lagos and Abuja. No, they weren’t strangers. it was friends and families who wanted […]

Should You Write for Humans or Robots?

In 2011, AJ Kohn wrote an article supporting the argument to write for search engines, not humans. He described search engines like a blind 5-year old. They are unable to see colour, gorgeous designs and other aesthetics humans consider when visiting a website. While the goal of a search engine is to emulate human evaluation […]

How to Write a Blog Post People Read Until the End

You never forget your first love or your first kiss. It was a magical moment when the world faded away. The only thing that mattered was that moment when your heart felt like it would burst and the butterflies in your stomach went haywire. It was perfect. More will come after your first but the […]

How to Write an Award-winning Blog Title

Your blog post title gets people to read your content. Think of your blog title as a sales agent selling your content to the world. It’s the first thing people see when they come across your content on social media, email and search engines. Without a good headline, no one will read your blog post. […]

15 Reasons Why You Need A Business Blog to Succeed

Here’s a question I get from local business owners when pitching my blog writing services to them. “Do I really need a blog when I have a website?” The consensus amongst most business owners is that a website is enough to propel their business to digital success. The truth is you’ve only done the barest […]

15 Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas That Supercharge Your Blog

People often ask me how they can get blogging inspiration or blog posts ideas. Whether you are a new or experienced blogger, creating content on a schedule is crucial to blogging success. I get ideas in the weirdest places. Sometimes it’s while I am out on a run, eating breakfast, watching a TV show or […]

How to Create a Blogging Strategy from Scratch

I created my first blog in 2012. I wanted a place to discuss issues I was passionate about. I didn’t have a blogging strategy or a long-term plan. I only published a new blog post whenever inspiration struck. Sometimes, I  published a blog post once in three months. I got angry when I ran a […]

Blogging For Beginners: How to Start a Successful Blog

Every business needs a blog. It was top of my mind when I setup Zenith Copy.  Blogging is a great way to position your brand as the solution to problems your audience faces. My first foray into blogging was in 2012. I was a novice who was winging it the entire way. If you want […]

6 LinkedIn Optimisation Tricks for Lead Generation

Your offer must be valuable for prospects to convert. That’s the first lesson I want to share. I became active on LinkedIn at the end of January 2019. Within this timeframe, I’ve generated over 10 leads from LinkedIn. Not bad for a newbie. I get a lot of messages from connections who want to know […]

The Principles of Persuasion: How to increase conversion with Cialdini’s Techniques

On its website, Betfair claims to be the leading online betting exchange in the world. They have a unique system that allows betters to set odds among themselves, removing the need for a bookie to payout the winner. Visual Website Optimizer helped Betfair increase conversion by 7%. They used three principles of persuasion techniques to […]

15 Grammar Mistakes That Ruin Your Credibility

Last month, my cousin sent me a message with the words “idk”. I was confused. I had seen it on several chat messages but I didn’t understand the words. I asked her what it meant and she said: “I don’t know”. I replied, “what do you mean you don’t know? You literally just sent me […]

What Are The Most Important SEO Ranking Signals in 2019?

With over 160 billion search queries every month, Google can make or break your business. Business owners go to sleep at night dreaming of reaching the coveted top spot. Those at the top continuously work hard to keep you from taking over. They spend a huge portion of their revenue on paid advertising and SEO […]

12 tips to engage casual visitors and increase conversion

“Google! What are the top reasons visitors leave a webpage without converting?” Google presents the best results in 3 seconds. I open the top two and read through. Sometimes, I read the article twice to have a better grasp of the content. A lazy reader would take note of the subheadings or major points and […]

It’s time to give up these old-school SEO practices

Thanks to Google, search is always evolving. A strategy that worked in 2017 could be obsolete by 2018. Marketers, copywriters and businesses are always running around trying to figure out what Google is going to do next. The frustrating part? Just when you feel like taking a breather because you’ve finally got a hang of […]

Facebook Paid Teenagers $20 to Spy on Them and Mine Device Data

  Facebook is yet to learn from past errors. Tech Crunch recently reported that Facebook secretly paid teenagers $20 to install a “Facebook Research” VPN. Once installed on a smartphone, Facebook reads your messages, watches your web activity and steals data from your mobile. The app is similar to Onavo Protect that was banned and […]

15 Of The Best Copywriting Books For Persuasive Writing

Have you noticed that some of the greatest entrepreneurs and most successful people of all times were voracious readers? Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Enver Yucel, Steve Jobs and more. No matter how busy their schedule, they always found time for a book. Warren Buffet reads over 600 pages each day. Elon […]

15 Important Tools Every Copywriter Must Have

I always cringe when I see grammar errors on a blog post. I imagine my face contorting to resemble a child eating lime for the first time. It detracts from the message and makes the writer seem lazy. Image source However, grammar tools are not the only copywriting tools you need. Other important tools include […]

Top SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

I was sitting on my bed doing keyword research for this article when my friend asked me a question, “what is SEO?” I was surprised because I expected her and everyone else on the planet who owned a business to know what SEO was. I explained that every business, no matter how obscure, needed a […]

2019 Content Marketing Trends You Need to Succeed

Content marketing ROI is four times greater than the most targeted advertising. For most businesses, it is at the core of their marketing strategy. It works with social media, SEO and email marketing. A good content marketing strategy will drive traffic, generate leads and increase conversion. Here are the most important content marketing trends you […]

How to Write An Engaging Copy That Sells Like Ice Cream

When I joined a copywriting agency, the first thing we did was learn how to use trigger words in our copy. Our first project was writing product copies for a UK voucher website. One of the products was a sex toy. I had to write a copy that encouraged the target audience to buy “sex […]

The Complete Guide to Link Building

What is Link Building? In simple terms, link building is all the activities you do for other websites to link back to you. Webmasters, marketers and businesses run link building and outreach campaigns to drive referral traffic. Think of links as the street between pages. It shows search engines how websites are related and which […]