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Do you need website copywriting that resonates with your readers? Struggling to get visitors to your website or convert your prospects? 

 Your website is the first introduction a customer has with your business. Good website content is the secret behind the most successful brands.  Zenith Copy provides content that elevates your website. We turn casual visitors into paying customers.

For your website content to engage your target audience, it has to be carefully planned, thoroughly researched and well-written. Zenith Copywriting Agency provides an online copy that is on-brand, value-filled, customer-centric and conversion focused.

 We want to have a meaningful conversation with your audience. Think of everything you would say to your ideal customer if they were standing in front of you. The power of imagination to make them salivate and the enticing words to reel them in.

That is what our copywriting does. We carry your audience through each line of text until they make a purchase. We sell an experience that turns naysayers into loyal brand ambassadors. Your website copy will be invigorating, thought-provoking and persuasive.

 Reach more customers with Zenith website copywriting

For your online business to succeed, there are two critical factors; professional website design and a persuasive copy that works hard for you. Zenith website copywriting will drive traffic, convert customers and deliver a memorable experience.

Think of it as the water source for a farm. Your farm is not productive when you stop watering it. It thrives with a reliable source of water. Same applies to your website. It needs good content to survive.

 We ensure that your online business always has water that sustains and delivers a bountiful harvest. With a consistent flow of actionable content, Google has more pages to index for your site. The content we create is readable, clear and easy to understand.

Our copywriters use a hook to catch your prospect’s attention. We know the right buttons that tug at their heartstring. Our writers speak directly to one person, not the masses. We use “you” and “your”. We persuade your target audience by showing all the problems your product or service will solve.

Key statistics for website copywriting

  • 74% of online users paying attention to grammar and spelling error on a company website. Over 59% won’t do business with you if they notice spelling errors on your website.
  • Only 2 in 10 people read a copy. Others focus on the headline.
  • Content marketing gets three times more lead per dollar than paid search. It also has deep long-term benefits with lower up-front costs than paid search.
  • Content marketing generates 3x more leads and cost 62% less than outbound marketing
  • Small businesses with blogs get 126% more leads than those without
  • Consumers are more likely to make a purchase after reading a recommendation on a blog
  • 90% of online businesses use content marketing to generate inbound leads
  • 70% of online readers prefer to learn about your company through an article than an ad

Website copywriting services we offer

 We place emphasis on writing clear and concise copy that satisfies a deep need in your audience. We combine the specialist experience of our industry-focused writers with experienced project managers who ensure your copy delivers results.

Commercial copywriting

As a business owner, your primary goal is to sell a product/service and make a ton of profit from it. Our copywriters get your brand in front of your audience. We build trust and initiate a conversation that leads to sales. 

Whether you’re looking for a copywriter to create content for your brochures, paid campaign or billboards, we’ve got an expert team who are up to the task.

You know the key benefits of your products but have trouble articulating it. Your commercial copy will be conversion driven. We highlight the features of your products with the most value

Newsletter and email writing service

Your relationship with your customer doesn’t end after they visited your website. You must continuously engage them to maintain interest, nurture leads and guide prospects through the sales funnel.

 Our email writing services will drive targeted traffic to your website. We begin with an irresistible headline that causes itchy fingers. They can’t help but click. From the first word, we paint a picture with the power of imagery. We hook, captivate and hold on; gently leading your reader through your email. 

Our email writing service ensures that you stay top of your reader’s mind with relevant content. We give you a distinctive edge that opens up a new pipeline for continuous sales.

Health and medical copywriting service

For over a decade, good content has held the crown as the King of Google’s ranking factors. You need to deliver valuable content that makes your audience fall in love with you. Zenith Copy Abuja provides medical writing services that simplifies technical message into a clearly worded document.

Readers who struggle to understand medical terms and concepts say that its’ boring. Our intuitive writers communicate dense information in meaningful words your readers understand. We breathe life into your content, making it interesting and ensuring it solves problems.

We work with your team to turn clinical data into benefits that improve the lives of your target customers. We create website content for hospitals, clinics and medical facilities. We also write educational materials for your patients. They include literature review, blog posts, guest posts and publications for academic conferences.

Legal copywriting service

Zenith Copy Abuja offers legal copywriting services for law firms and practising attorneys in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, the UK and other English-speaking countries.

As a busy lawyer, it’s difficult to schedule a time to write an engaging copy for your audience. By hiring a Zenith copywriter, you have time to focus on what you do best while we handle your copywriting needs. Our experienced writers have handled hundreds of legal copy for law firms in the US.

Zenith SEO experts craft excellent content for your website. We use words that communicate your message to prospective clients. Your legal copy is high-quality, unique and targeted.

You might struggle to write a value-filled copy that appeases SEO and your readers. You know the message but finding the words that effectively communicate your offer is tricky. Remove the guesswork from your web copy by hiring Zenith Copywriters to handle your website content.

Blog writing

Zenith Copy Abuja offers a fully managed premium blog writing service. You won’t spend hours trying to get inside the mind of your target audience. Hand over your blog posting to us and relax.

We create high-quality blog content based on your subject matter. Your blog post is 100% relevant to the most pressing needs of your audience. We provide information they won’t find elsewhere. Our writers engage your reader with excellent copy that grows your website. 

Your blog post will educate. It communicates your message to your audience in a language they are familiar with. Our content writers are SEO savvy. We conduct comprehensive research and curate relevant content for your audience.

Our expert writers are waiting to hear from you.

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Our Process

  1. Tell us who your audience is. Are they male, female, young people, professionals, academics or middle-aged people? The style and format we use are based on the current style your audience prefers.
  2. Who are you? What is your brand voice? Are you conversational, technical, serious, humorous or a mix in between? We maintain your brand voice without losing sight of your message.
  3. Is there a content type you want us to follow? A brief or sample we can work with? Do you have a style guide or requirement we should adhere to? It helps our writers become familiar with your brand and its expectations.
  4. Choose your word length and the number of pieces you want in a month.
  5. Are there other writing services you want us to provide that isn’t listed on our website? We are happy to discuss your project with you.

Why Choose us?

  • We’ll make you more money than you’ve ever dreamed of
  • We’ve written thousands of articles for businesses in English-speaking countries. Most of our customers have grown from a page 10 ranking to a page 1 and 2 for their niche keywords.
  • We’re the go-to copywriting agency for small, medium and large brands in Abuja, Lagos and some English-speaking countries.
  • Working knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation, social media and your customers. This means your message will go farther and reach a wider audience.
  • We understand your brand, it’s unique value proposition and your tone of voice.
  • Fast turnaround time while ensuring the copy you receive is of the highest quality.
  • We work hard for you. If you grow, we grow.

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