Communicate Your Unique Value with Zenith Copy

Can a visitor tell what you do just by looking at your homepage?

If your target customer has to scroll five pages to understand how you can help them, they probably won’t convert. 

A potential customer should take one look at your website and tell:

·Who you are

· What you do

·Your unique value proposition

·How your product or service solves a problem

Zenith Copy crafts content that is fun to read, easy to digest, and converts for a sale.

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We’ll Help You:

· Demystify complicated jargon only you understand

· Articulate your unique value in a compelling way

· Reach a cold audience who are tired of reading a crappy copy

· Educate your audience on your product and what it does

· Solve problems for your audience

· Accomplish your business goals and deliver exceptional ROI.

Our native English writers persuade your target audience to take action.

We write a concise copy that is result-oriented and guide the prospect to the end of your sales funnel.

Struggling to Convert Customers? Sell Faster with Persuasive Website Copy

There is more to a website than an attractive design. Without a compelling website copy, you’ll suffer high bounce rates, low conversion rates, and zero sales.

Zenith Copywriting Agency takes your prospect from awareness to purchase. Be the first choice of your audience when they need a solution. With a small investment, you get unprecedented sales, higher brand recognition, and loyalty from customers.

Our Professional Copywriting Services

Website Copywriting Service

We write website content that drives conversion through the roof.

Our copywriters make you the only choice in a saturated market.

Blog Writing Service

Our blog writing service is based on audience research and keyword research.

We’ll help you increase brand awareness, educate and engage your audience through high quality content

Financial Copywriting Service

We help you define your unique offer, get past objections and entice a sale

What sets us apart from other financial copywriters is our ability to weave a unique story around your offer and generate qualified leads that convert.

Landing Page Copywriting Service

The goals of a landing page are to generate leads and sell one offer.

We convince your reader that your product is the absolute best in the market.

Zenith Copywriters create landing pages that are captivating, persuasive, and customer-focused

SEO Copywriting Services

If you want to rank high on Google search engine, you must work with an SEO copywriter who incorporate your value proposition in the copy

Zenith Copywriters are skilled at using SEO best practices to write content that both Google and your audience loves.

Product Description Copywriting

Zenith Copywriters craft product description that highlights your unique value and compels the prospect to click the “buy” button.

Why Choose Us?

·    We write copy that sells

·    A decade of experience creating content for clients across a range of niches.

·    Well-researched copy supported by data and high authority stats.

·    Access to experienced copywriters who have worked with some of the largest brands in the UK, US, and Australia.

·    Affordable copywriting that scales with your business.

·    No jargon. We only use simple words to break-down complex information.

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Clients we have worked with




"Chima is a talented copywriter with the ability to tackle difficult subject matter and create compelling copy that's easy to understand and fun to read."

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Susan Greene

Savvy Marketing Copywriter

If you are looking for an intuitive copywriter, someone that can help you better understand and interpret your services and your vision, then look no further. Chima helped me translate my services into a language that our ideal clients can understand. Not forgetting the right keywords that are internet approved and highly searched in our industry. We continue to work with Zenith Copy for our copywriting needs. I highly recommend you schedule time with Chima. You can thank me later. 🙂

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Oneida Franco

Founder & CEO at Franco Blueprint, Inc.

"When you started the project, I wasn't sure you could pull this off but you certainly did! And you did an outstanding Job. Great to have Zenith Copy on our team"

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-30 at 9.51.25 AM
Boma Femi Julius

CEO & Founder at Globat Oil and Gas Skills/ Drilling Fluids Consultant