This could be you. Enjoying an impromptu getaway weekend with your friends.

Sadly, you’ve not outsourced your blog writing. You’re stuck in the office on a Saturday morning, combing through tired ideas for your blog, or struggling to replicate an evergreen post.

Don’t be that frustrated person who takes out their anger on the world. Outsource your blog writing to me and relax. I’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

SEO Blog Writing Service That Drives Traffic and Leads

Remember all that energy and drive you had when you launched your website?

Think back to the overwhelming feeling of sinking in quick sand when you realized you were managing too much.

You shouldn’t have to manage your business and your blog.

I’ll help you save time with well-written content that engages your audience.

Where are your readers in the buyer’s journey? I create a content strategy that serves information at each stage of the customer’s journey.

The result?

You show up at the right place and the right time to delight your target audience with helpful content.

Why Is Blog Writing Important?

why is blog writing important

Humanize Your Brand

Your prospects are more likely to do business with you when they see you as a human, not a faceless brand. By solving pertinent problems your readers face, you’re showing that you care. 

Position Your Brand as an Industry Leader

High-quality content on your blog displays your industry expertise and authority. I’ll make you the go-to resource for users who need solutions to a problem.

Increase Search Ranking

It’s a known fact that blog posts increase your search ranking. I use keywords and search phrases to leapfrog your competitors with high quality blog posts.

Drive Website Traffic

There are several paid methods to get website traffic, but it’s a costly venture. The cheaper and more sustainable method is to grow your blog organically through helpful content.

Build Lasting Relationships with Your Customers

A blog post is a perfect way to cement the relationship between client and brand. I offer a direct line of communication for your customers to interact with your business and its products.

Convert Traffic into Leads

Getting traffic doesn’t automatically result in sales. Each blog post is an opportunity to generate leads for your sales team.

My Checklist for Writing Blog Posts

Jump on a call with you to understand what you do, who you serve and the problems they face.

Create a custom proposal based on your blogging needs. Prices reflect the time taken to do research, write and optimize content for SEO.

Do keyword research and Search Engine Ranking Analysis to identify the primary keyword and LSI keywords

Understand the real intent behind a search query to determine where the user is in the buyer’s journey.

Create an SEO content outline based on research finding and analysis.

Craft a click-worthy title and ensure it’s optimized for SEO.

Make a promise to solve the problem in the intro.

Write the body of the text.

Incorporate your value proposition where possible.

Maintain a tone appropriate to your audience and brand.

Check the text for readability. A 12-year-old reads your content without difficulty.

Include internal links to relevant posts.

Fill out meta details.

Revisit the headline to make sure it’s perfect.

Send to a professional editor for proofreading before submitting your ready-to-publish blog post.

Write a conclusion and include a call to action.

Check the text for entity salience and keyword relevance.

Copyscape for uniqueness.

Add an image or two in the intro and body of the text.


3 Reasons to Outsource Your Blog Writing

Businesses and agencies have often wondered whether to hire a blog writer in-house or outsource writing services to a specialist SEO Blog Writing Service. Here are three reasons to outsource blog writing to me

Save Money on an In-house Hire

According to Jeff Bullas, the average web content writer with 1-5 years of experience makes $47,000-$71,000 a year. It doesn’t include the cost of hiring, administrative overhead and employee benefits that amount to more dollars spent on a single hire. An in-house writer provides stability. But outsourcing to me ensures you’re getting content that engages your reader and ranks on search engines.

Great Content Fueled By SEO Strategy

There’s a lot to handle for a growing business. Blogging becomes an afterthought. Rather than writing blog posts off the top of your head, I create a content strategy that ensures you’re reaching your content marketing goals.

Focus on Your Core Responsibilities

When looking for a blog writer, choose an expert that delivers high-quality content on time. With me, you have more time to focus on creating unique products for your target audience. While I focus on increasing your viewership and generating leads for your sales team.

Why Choose Me?

·    Quick turnaround

·    SEO-friendly content written by a search geek.

·    Copyscaped content reviewed by a professional editor

·    High-quality web copy written that engages your readers.

·    Get your content on time and within schedule.

·    More email signups and subscribers for you.

why choose us