Forget vanity metrics

Build thought leadership and dominate SERPs with authority-driven content

Traffic, impressions, and backlinks all look good in a report, but if it doesn’t convert, then it’s all empty promises.

You need traffic from a qualified audience most likely to find your content interesting. You want content that builds your brand as an authority and slowly earns the consumer’s trust until you’re ranking in their mind, not just on search.

I don’t promise vanity metrics. I deliver authoritative content that sets you apart from competitors and attracts an audience that wants what you’re selling.

A marketer who knows SEO at an advanced level and can write top-notch content

Rarely do you encounter a marketer like Chima, who knows SEO at an advanced level AND can write top-notch content. I was impressed with Chima’s ability to understand what it takes to rank and deliver content that can compete in extremely competitive verticals. Working with Chima was a pleasant experience and I would confidently recommend her to any company that needs to improve their content game!

Gaetano Nino Dinardi, Head of Content, Aura

One of those rare cases where someone external feels like an extension of your team

I already knew that Chima could create great content for us based on the content she publishes regularly. She didn’t disappoint in the slightest. She was a delightful surprise and professional from start to finish. Working with Chima was one of those very rare cases where working with someone external to your team feels like working with someone who is an extension of it. The results were, of course, amazing. I would recommend Chima to anyone looking to publish great content on their site.

Erika Varangouli, Head of Organic Search, Semrush

Dominate search for your keywords with a topic cluster approach

The truth is one piece of content is not enough to rank for a competitive keyword. You need a cluster of content that targets keywords throughout the user’s search journey. A topic cluster approach to content creation ensures that you show up on SERP whether the user is just learning about you, making considerations or ready to buy.

It’s also a great way to build long-term authority and nurture relationships with prospects through trusted content, instead of writing random content pieces just for traffic.

My approach ensures that your content zeros in the biggest problems your audience faces with solutions they can implement immediately.

Chima built the most comprehensive cluster I’ve ever seen

Working with Chima was one of the best early investments I made after joining Pace. Even while our positioning and messaging were being developed, Chima was an expert advisor to help me narrow down to focus on the most strategic topic, target the best keywords, and built the most comprehensive cluster I’ve ever seen! I know Chima’s work will be paying dividends for us for years to come.

Peter Zawistowicz, Head of Marketing, Pace App

It’s the most thorough content brief I’ve literally ever seen

I worked with Chima on a 10-keyword topic cluster project for my growth marketing agency. She is so smart, talented, and very authoritative on SEO. My topic cluster was super easy, quick & incredibly done. I’m so impressed with the content briefs she handed over: it’s the most thorough content brief I’ve literally ever seen. We are going to start tracking SEO growth results from this project, and I’m expecting big things once we publish our cluster topic content. I’m ready to work with her again on the next keyword cluster! Highly recommended.

Jeanna Barrett, Founder, First Page Strategy

Why is Blog Writing important?

Over the years, marketing experts have emphasized the need to have a blog section on your business website.

Consistently updating the content of your blog is pivotal to generating leads, converting users to customers, and driving more sales.

Humanize Your Brand

Your prospects are more likely to do business with you when they see you as a human, not a faceless brand. By solving pertinent problems your readers face, you’re showing that you care.

Drive Website Traffic

There are several paid methods to get website traffic, but it’s a costly venture. The cheaper and more sustainable method is to grow your blog organically through helpful content.

Position Yourself as an Industry Leader

High-quality content on your blog displays your industry expertise and authority. I’ll make you the go-to resource for users who need solutions to a problem.

Build Lasting Relationships with Your Customers

A blog post is a perfect way to cement the relationship between client and brand. I offer a direct line of communication for your customers to interact with your business and its products.

Increase Search Ranking

It’s a known fact that blog posts increase your search ranking. I use keywords and search phrases to jump past your competitors with high-quality blog posts.

Convert Traffic into Leads

Getting traffic doesn’t automatically result in sales. Each blog post is an opportunity to generate leads for your sales team.

Our website and blog traffic doubled within months of working with Chima

Chima is the best SEO content writer I’ve worked with, period. We’ve worked with awesome writers and sharp SEO folks, but not someone who really gets both, Chima does.

Chima understands how to choose topics that will actually move the needle for relevant, targeted SEO traffic. Then, she writes extremely detailed articles that are focused on providing quality content to readers that also rank for what you need. It sounds so simple and she makes it seem easy, but let me tell you, it isn’t.

Oh, by the way, our website and blog traffic basically doubled in a few months after working with Chima. If you want extremely well-detailed content for SEO and organic traffic, work with Chima.

Zack Naylor, Cofounder, Aurelius


Extremely high-quality content that we’re happy with

Chima worked with me to create content as part of our SEO education efforts. She is a pure professional. She wrote extremely high-quality content that we’re happy with. Throughout every stage of the process, she’s been communicative, flexible and just an overall pleasure to work with, I highly recommend Chima and would be happy to work with her again.

Matthew Kaminsky-Shalem, SEO Product Manager,

My checklist for writing SEO-optimized blog content

Jump on a discovery call with you to understand what your SaaS company does, the problems you solve and the overarching topics you want to rank for.

If you don’t have a content strategy, I’ll do keyword research to define the main keyword for your SaaS product.

Next, I’ll use that topic to find more niche keywords.

We’ll jump on a second call to drill down the list of keywords.

After we’ve agreed on a list of keywords, I’ll get started creating content briefs.

The briefs include data for on-page optimization, semantic entity extraction, subheadings to cover, and next steps for the reader to take.

I’ll send over the briefs for approval.

Once you’ve approved the content briefs, I’ll write the content, optimize for entities and upload to your WordPress where I’ll add internal links to existing pieces within and outside the cluster.

If you already have a content strategy, I like to create my content briefs because it gives me more control of the writing process. I’ll send over the briefs for approval and you can add or remove elements to customize the brief.

After you’ve approved the content brief, I’ll write the content, optimize with entities, and link to relevant content pieces (especially product use cases) on your website.

I offer one round of revisions for each content piece.

Chima is great to work with!

Chima is great to work with! She’s responsive and takes direction well, quickly grasping even the most esoteric of topics to deliver extremely well-researched and well-written pieces. If you’re in need of high-quality, well-researched content that will inform your readers and improve your site’s SEO, I would highly recommend reaching out to Chima

Anna MacLachlan Lugger, Head of Content,

We Are Leagues Ahead of Where We Started Thanks to Chima

It was a real pleasure to work with Chima! She will forever be my go-to for SEO strategy and related content. Chima is able to take the lead with minimal direction, she’s super responsive to feedback, timely, and generally GETS SHIT DONE. Chima worked with us to build our SEO content strategy, focusing on our desired keywords and topic clusters. She built an amazing infrastructure for us to run with so that we are not only able to continue producing content but able to produce content that is in line with our overall business goals and won’t stray from that. We are leagues ahead of where we started thanks to Chima; I cannot recommend her enough.

Sara Cate Jones, Demand Generation Manager, GoLinks

My SEO Content Plans



$700 for 3x 1-hour call

Gain clarity on the overarching keywords and topics to target

Get answers to burning questions around content strategy

Get advice to create your first content marketing strategy

Get feedback on your topic cluster



From $985

(minimum of 1,500 words)

Keyword research

Detailed content brief

Semantic entity extraction

Internal and external link recommendations

On-page optimization

Professional editing

10% – 20% discount on retainer packages

Topic cluster package

From $3500

Get help choosing your overarching brand topic

Topic-focused keyword research to help you build authority and attract an aligned audience

Minimum of 10 fully fleshed-out content briefs

Semantic entity extraction

Internal and external link recommendations

My top choice for Expert-Level SEO Copywriting

I recommend anyone looking for expert-level SEO copywriting to consider Chima. Her work on my enterprise-level client’s content has been so well received. Chima’s grasp of technical concepts, SEO best practices, and overall engaging writing has been beneficial to my content strategy. I look forward to working with Chima on more projects – she’s among my top, go-to choices, for sure!

Russell Wojcik, Manager of Content Strategy & CRO, Digital Current

The quality of her writing is exceptional

Chima is brilliant. I had the opportunity to hire her to write a comprehensive article for our agency iPullRank about Enterprise SEO. Not only was the quality of her writing exceptional, but she also produced a fantastic outline and first-rate research on the topic. Hire her before her calendar fills up!

Garrett Sussman, Demand Generation Manager, iPullRank


Why choose me?

I’m one of the best content writers you’ll ever work with

Experience helping SaaS companies narrow their focus to the most important keywords they should target

Experience defining unique value propositions for SaaS companies based on what you do and what your audience wants

Get content that drives niche traffic, positions your brand as an authority, and converts users into long-term customers

Holistic content strategy designed to target users at all stages of the buying process and even after they’ve converted