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What can you achieve with good SEO copywriting? Drive quality traffic, improve visibility and increase conversion. You’ll also establish your brand as the foremost authority in your niche

Unlike most of our copywriting services, our SEO copy is designed for small and medium-sized businesses who need help competing with established brands in their industry.

We understand that you have a small staff strength who are busy running your daily operations. Zenith Copywriters will manage your website content. We keep your blog updated, refresh service pages and ensure your website drives traffic.

Our copywriters understand the fundamentals of SEO. We stay on top of the latest search trends. Our SEO copy tells a story. It connects with your readers. We motivate them to interact with your brand. Our content provides a clear ROI for your business.

Do you need expertly written sales landing page? Perhaps a long-form product description copy? We’ve got you covered.  Your copy is written by a professional copywriter with a demonstrated knowledge of SEO.

Google is forever tweaking its algorithm. It is overwhelming to think of what they might do next. We write evergreen content that performs long-term. Your copy will be relevant in 5-10 years.  There is no risk of a content penalty because we’ve trained our writers to follow white-hat SEO practices. We focus on the keyword you want to rank high for. Every content brings you closer to the ultimate goal of higher rankings.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO is when you research a niche keyword and use that keyword to write content for people to read. If they love it, they’ll share it on social media and email.

Copywriting is both a science and an art form. It involves creating high-quality content that motivates the reader to take the clients’ call to action. This includes; subscribing to a list, buying a product or any action that benefits the brand.

SEO copywriting is the use of target keywords to create useful and valuable content for your audience. It is a specialised form of copywriting that contains specific words and phrases your target audience type when they looking for a solution. It helps your content rank high in search engines. The goal is to drive organic traffic to your website.

For your SEO copy to excel, it must naturally incorporate key phrases. The writing shouldn’t appear repetitive, difficult to understand or lose focus of your audience. Your SEO copy should satisfy the reader’s thirst for information. The content must be based on search intent for relevance.

Search engine algorithms have evolved beyond keywords. Google considers your domain authority and what others think about your content when ranking your web pages. Modern SEO copywriting is about crafting compelling content that increases your authority and trust.

High-quality SEO copy crafted by a gifted copywriter

For on-page content, SEO is crucial to a high ranking. Zenith Copy offers turn-key solutions that elevate newsletters, service pages, white papers and blog posts on your website. Our goal is to deliver premium, well-researched content that outranks your competitors.

 Zenith Copy offers a unique blend of SEO copywriters, personalised service and affordable pricing. We write for your readers and incorporate target phrases and keywords.

Google requires high-quality text for higher search rankings. You need our team of SEO copywriters if your website isn’t ranking on the first page of Google. 

Websites that rank high feature current, authoritative content. We take time to curate compelling copy that solves problems for your target audience.

Our SEO copywriting services are geared toward helping small and mid-sized companies. Locations we serve include Nigeria, United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other English-speaking countries.

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Our SEO content writing services

Our  SEO copywriting services

  • Homepage
  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts and guest posts
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Product description pages
  • Digital brochures
  • Local SEO pages
  • Service pages

We Serve Searcher Intent and Boost User Experience 

To maximise SEO opportunity, search functions should be geared towards searcher intent. We provide answers to questions your audience is asking.

Zenith Copywriters create e-books, white papers, infographics, video productions, blog posts and guest posts. Our high-quality content turns visitors into customers. We ensure your site is relevant to both Google and its users.

Zenith Copywriters work hard to create content that meets the demands of your audience. Each piece of content is mapped out to serve searcher intent and support your business goals. Our SEO Copywriting team comprises experienced strategists and SEO content writers. We execute an organic strategy that drives long-term results.

However, you should know that achieving high ranking with your content doesn’t happen in one day. We’ll provide regular content for organic traffic

GEt superb SEO copy from the leading copywriting agency in Abuja, Nigeria

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SEO Copywriting Tips From Zenith Copywriters

Identify your target audience

The first step in copywriting is to determine who is the specific audience for the SEO copy. Understanding the intent and defining your buyer persona helps us create an accurate SEO strategy.

We consider the type of questions a prospective buyer might have when looking for brands in your niche. The answer leads to creating purposeful content that engages the reader.

Your content will be laid out in a way that solves the user’s immediate problem.  We’ll also answer questions they’re not asking but thinking of. 

Quality SEO content

While content is king, Google penalizes websites with thin content and insufficient information. Zenith Copywriters focus on creating quality content that people want to read. We use long-tail keywords in subheadings to target questions your audience is asking.

We enrich your content with premium images that strengthen your content. We write as we speak. No jargon, buzzwords, or technical words the layman won’t understand.

To target the right keywords, our SEO experts conduct comprehensive keyword research. We also write content for local SEO to ensure people in your area will easily find your content.

Include LSI keywords in your SEO copy

LSI keywords are related words or synonyms to your main keyword. For instance, a copywriting agency will include LSI keywords such as “managed blog writing services” and “content marketing strategy services”. These LSI keywords help Google understand what your page is about.

User-friendly article layout

The appearance of your article should make it easy for your audience to read your content. A few things we do include

  • Lay out the article to make it likeable by your audience
  • Make it easy to read by ensuring text is legible
  • Use short sentences to make your content digestible
  • Include images to complement parts of the article
  • Use appropriate headings and subheadings to guide the reader through each paragraph
  • Include enticing meta descriptions that deliver on the promises made.

Error-free SEO copy

It might seem obvious but many websites have content riddled with errors. Where readability is concerned, spelling and grammar are important. We want your readers to have the best experience on your website.

They will bounce quickly if they find spelling and grammar errors. It means you don’t care enough to proofread your content. 

When you choose Zenith SEO copywriting services, each piece of content is triple checked for spelling, accuracy and grammar. Multiple checks resolve 99% of issues found. We use Grammarly Premium as the second eye for our content. It’s an excellent tool for grammar and spelling checks.

GEt superb SEO copy from the leading copywriting agency in Abuja, Nigeria

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10 Benefits of Zenith SEO Copywriting Services

In today’s world, a successful digital strategy is synonymous with good SEO. If the user is looking for information and you provide it, they are more likely to convert. When executed properly, here are six things Zenith SEO copywriting services will do for your brand.

Rank high for your target keywords

Our SEO copywriting will help you rank high for phrases and keywords that hold the most value. These high-value phrases get you to the top pages of Google search results. 

Save money

Where brands relied on paid advertisement to get traffic, you save money with Zenith SEO copywriting. When your funds run out in paid campaigns, the traffic dries up. With our SEO copywriting, you reach targeted customers who are interested in your content.

Words Sell

A fancy design and incredible visuals on your website are important. But it is words that convince people to convert. Zenith SEO copy persuades your audience to take your call to action.

Produce high-quality content

The quality of your SEO copywriting has a direct effect on your website. Our copywriting attracts traffic and backlinks from authority websites. Visitors associate your website with credible information and look forward to your content.

Avoid Google penalties

Our copywriters create bespoke content for you. Google penalizes websites with duplicate content. This occurs when you publish content that has been posted elsewhere or use pre-written product description for your listing. Invest in our high-quality, unique content to generate revenue for your business.

Skillfully incorporate keywords into your copy

Zenith copywriters know the best placement of your keyword for maximum effectiveness. We create content that appeals to your visitors and read smoothly without sounding awkward.

Comprehensive research for excellent content

Our SEO copywriters are adept at conducting research required for good website content. We link to reputable third-party sources that help your content earn higher search rankings.

Write captivating title tags and meta descriptions

We craft seductive headlines that compel the reader to open your content. We also write your meta description that appears below your header in search engine results.

Compelling call-to-action

Our copywriters are skilled at crafting actionable CTAs. We’ll include key phrases in your CTA anchor text to generate qualified leads from targeted traffic.

SEO optimised landing pages

Our SEO copywriters will help you create the best landing pages for your website. We understand how to drive readers to take your desired call to action.

14 Interesting SEO statistics to note

  1. In 2017, Google accounted for 79% of global desktop search traffic. Bing, Baidu and Yahoo followed with 7.27%, 6.55% and 5.06% respectively. This makes Google the most influential search engine to factor in for SEO.
  2. A HubSpot research revealed that organic search makes up 94% of total web traffic. The first position on Google search results leads to 35% CTR for mobile and 34.6% CTR for desktop.
  3. High-quality content and link building are the top ranking factors for Google.
  4. You can increase traffic by over 100% when you update and re-publish information on old blogs.
  5. 61% of marketers say that growing their organic presence and improving SEO is a top priority
  6. 50% of all search queries are four words or longer
  7. SEO generates more leads than other marketing strategies for 57% of B2B marketers.
  8. A brand that appears multiple times on search results has a 50% increased chance of getting a visitor’s click
  9. 75% of searchers don’t go past the first-page result
  10. Top ranking pages on Google have an average length of 1,890 words
  11. Improved blog content increases traffic by up to 2,000%
  12. Creating relevant content is the most effective strategy for 72% of marketers
  13. B2B businesses with blogs generate 67% more leads
  14. Blog posts with images get 97% more views

Why choose us?

  • We produce amazing copy, most of which are top-ranked content on Google.
  • Single-minded focus when you work with a dedicated team of SEO copywriters
  • 100% ownership of data
  • Transparency of processes and fees
  • We don’t lock you down with contracts
  • SEO copywriting with the perfect balance of technical expertise and creativity
  • Original and versatile content checked with Copyscape
  • High-quality copywriting from native English speakers
  • Well-researched and fully customised content
  • Professional copywriters who write engaging and concise copy

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