Do you need SEO content that goes beyond keyword placement? Have you tried to rank for your money keywords but failed?

You’ve tested multiple formulas in your digital marketing strategy, but nothing seems to work.

Our SEO copywriters drive quality traffic, improves search visibility, and increases conversion. Unlike most of our services, our SEO copywriting service is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that need help competing with established brands in their industry.

We understand that you have a small staff strength that is busy running your daily operations.

Zenith Copywriters will:

  • Conduct keyword and competitor research
  • Aim to understand the intent behind search queries
  • Update your service pages to fit current SEO best practices
  • Ensure your website drives traffic from search engines

Need help ranking on Google?

We Leverage Google’s Best Practices to Create Evergreen Content

Google is forever tweaking its algorithm. It is overwhelming to think of what they might do next.

We ensure you stay relevant with evergreen content that performs long-term. Our SEO copywriters understand the fundamentals of SEO.

Your SEO copy tells a story and connects with your readers. The content we create for you will be relevant in five years.

There is no risk of a content penalty because we’ve trained our writers to follow white-hat SEO practices.

We focus on the money keyword you want to rank high for. Every content brings you closer to the ultimate goal of higher rankings.


Our Process for Writing SEO Content

Conduct keyword research with SEMrush and Ahrefs to identify long-tail keywords with low volume competition.

Spy on your competitors to view keywords that generate ROI for them.

Find LSI keywords related to your money keywords.

Use Textrazor to extract semantic entities related to the primary keyword (based on the top 10 SERP results).

Create an SEO content outline based on keyword and analysis of SERP results.

Write the headline and optimize for SEO.

Write the body of the text. We’ll sprinkle the primary and secondary keywords throughout the copy and meta tags.

Run the copy through SEMrush writing assistant. We check for readability, entity salience, and keyword placement.

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9 Reasons Why You Need Our SEO Copywriting Services?

Rank High for Your Target Keywords

Our SEO copywriting service helps you rank high for phrases and keywords that hold the most value. These high-value phrases get you to the top pages of Google search results.

Save Money

Where brands rely on paid advertisement to get traffic, you save money our SEO copywriters. When your funds run out in paid campaigns, the traffic dries up. With our SEO copywriting service, your organic stream of targeted customers never runs dry.

Words Sell

Fancy design and gorgeous visuals are beautiful. But it is compelling content that convinces people to convert. We write copy that persuades your audience to take your call to action.

High-Quality Content

The quality of your SEO copywriting has a direct effect on your website. Our copy attracts traffic and backlinks from authority websites. Your target audience associates your website with credible information and looks forward to your content.

Avoid Google Penalties

Google penalizes sites with duplicate content. A penalty occurs when you publish content that has been posted elsewhere or use a pre-written product description for your listing. Invest in unique content to generate revenue for your business.

Skillfully Incorporate Keywords into Your Copy

Keyword stuffing for the sake of ranking makes Google unhappy. Zenith copywriters know the best placement of your keyword for maximum effect. We create content that appeals to your visitors and read smoothly without sounding awkward.

Comprehensive Research for Excellent Content

Our SEO friendly copywriters are adept at conducting the research required for good website content. We also link to reputable third-party sources that help your content earn higher search rankings

 Captivating Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

We craft seductive headlines that compel the reader to open your content. We also write a compelling meta description that appears below your header in search engine results.

Compelling Call-to-Action

Our copywriters are skilled at crafting actionable CTAs. We’ll include key phrases in your CTA anchor text to generate qualified leads from landing pages and other conversion copy.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We craft engaging copy your readers gobble up.
  2. Over a decade of experience writing content for a varied audience.
  3. 100% ownership of data.
  4. Fuel your social media strategy with keyword-defined blog posts.
  5. Transparency of processes and fees.
  6. Get the perfect balance of technical expertise and creativity.
  7. Original content checked with Copyscape.
  8. High-quality copywriting from native English speakers.
  9. Well-researched and fully optimized content.
  10. SEO strategies to help you reach your content marketing goals.

Get SEO content from writers who understand search psychology