Are You Having Trouble Selling Products on Your eCommerce Store?

A product description is about persuasion. You’re painting an image that sells an experience in the buyer’s mind. The goal is to elicit a response that motivates the prospect to click the “add to cart” or “buy” button.

Forget bland copy that only describes the product. Zenith Copy writes product descriptions that sell.

Our web copy gets your target audience excited about your offering. We convince your readers that your product is the only thing they need. How? By influencing buyer behavior and delivering a seamless shopping experience.

We’re building an exciting sensory experience as we take your prospects on a journey. It’s a story that highlights the pain points they face and positions you as the complete pain relief.

Product Description Optimised to Rank High on Google

Your page speed is off the chart, and web design is beautiful, but no one will buy a great product if they can’t see it.

Many copywriters fail to hit the mark because their copy is not optimized for search.

While writing for the user is crucial to e-commerce sales, search engines drive the required traffic for visibility.

We leverage search engine optimization for organic traffic, increased conversion, and higher sales.


Trigger Action with Words that Convert

How do you communicate the benefits of a product when everything has already been said?

Buyers gravitate towards specific words. We use these words to set you apart from your competitors .

The difference between a lousy product copy and a good product description is in its ability to convince a prospect to buy your product.

Zenith copywriters communicate the fairness of the cost and the importance of the product.

We emphasize additional benefits not offered by similar products in your niche and all relevant information the customer needs to make an informed decision.

Interesting Statistics About Product Description increased organic traffic by 84% in one month after using freelancers to optimize product descriptions.

97% of consumers say that product content is important when making a purchase decision.

50% of consumers have returned a product because it didn’t match the product description.

Millennials are 40% more likely to rate product content as important to purchase decisions.

98% of shoppers were discouraged from completing an online purchase due to incorrect or incomplete content.


Our Process for Writing Product Description

Get to know your product
Research your target audience to understand the pain points they face
Research your competitors to understand existing solutions
Define your core buyer persona and your unique value
Conduct keyword research
Create a list of features and benefits of your product
Answer the question “why”
Ensure that the product description reflects your brand’s tone of voice
Use bullet points for scannability
Boost persuasiveness with influential words
 Insert humor
Avoid clichés
Appeal to the reader’s imagination
Optimise your product copy for Google using current SEO best practices
Add social proof

Ready to increase sales on your eCommerce store?

Leverage the Power of Emotions to Drive Sales

Multiple studies have shown that humans buy for emotional reasons and logic justifies the money we’re about to spend.

Our writers conduct research to understand the motivations and trigger words your audience responds to.

Emotion makes a buyer lean towards popular brands over new brands. These brands spend a lot of money on advertising and branding initiatives.

If you’re competing with established brands for customers, we’ll move the spotlight on your product and generate ROI for you.


Use Storytelling to Boost Conversion Rates

  • A study by Origin of 3,000 US consumers revealed that product pages with a story worked better. Consumers were 5% more likely to purchase and were willing to pay 6% more for the same product.

We understand that online buyers don’t have the luxury of holding the product or giving it a test run before use. Your audience envisions the experience through imaginative copywriting that heightens the desire to own the product.

Our wordsmiths use storytelling to harness the senses and appeal to the imagination of your target audience. We use mini-stories to lower barriers and make your audience forget they’re being sold to.

A Few Tricks We Use When Writing Your Product Description

·    We define your core buyer persona before writing

·    Get to know your product inside and out

·    Read reviews of existing products in your niche

·    Conduct keyword and competitor research

·    Motivate purchases with benefits

·    Ensure the product description reflects your brand’s tone of voice

·    Use bullet points for scannability

·    Boost persuasiveness with influential words

·    Avoid clichés

·    Answer the question “why.”

·    Optimize your product copy for search engines using SEO best practices.

Need a compelling product description that drives sales to your online store?