Persuasive product descriptions that highlight your unique value

A product description is about persuasion. It’s painting an image that sells an experience in the mind of the buyer. The goal is to elicit an emotion or response that leads the prospect to click the “add to cart” or “buy” button.

Zenith Copy Abuja writes product descriptions that sell. Our web copy gets your target audience excited about your offering. We convince your audience that your product is the only thing they need. How? By influencing buyer behaviour and delivering a seamless shopping experience.

It’s not a bland copy that describes the product. Product copywriting is building an exciting, sensory experience. We take your prospects on a journey. It’s a story that hammers on the pain points they face. We position your product as the perfect solution that relieves pain.

Trust our team of expert writers to create a copy for your online products and e-commerce store. Each copy is tested for quality, readability and accuracy.

Product description copy optimised for search

Many copywriters are wordsmiths but they fail to hit the mark because their copy is not optimised for search. While writing for the user is crucial to e-commerce sales, it’s important to remember that search engines drive the traffic required for visibility.

You can have your cake and eat it too when you choose Zenith Copy Abuja. We leverage SEO to drive organic traffic, increase conversion and boost sales.

Your page speed is superb, images are outstanding and your recent testing took CRO to a new level. Yet, no one will buy a great product if they can’t see it.

Statistica notes that the average CTR for paid search in e-commerce is only 2.69%. A few questions you’re answering include; the right keyword to target, the ideal product description length, how often to use keywords and who to write for (people or search engines).

Basic SEO principles demand that you always write for the buyer. Since Google is trying to help users find the best content for a search query, Google bots will be satisfied if you aim to please people. Zenith Copywriters will help you rank high with a well-written product description that aligns with this goal.

When writing your product description, Zenith Copywriters ask three questions

  • How does it help the buyer?
  • How does it educate and enlighten the buyer?
  • Will it persuade them to make a purchase?

Benefits over features

Benefits make it easier for users to spend more time on your product page. It is also far more helpful than listing features. Finding the right keywords is half the job, placement is the other half.

Our copywriters know how to narrow down the right phrases that have the highest conversion value. Zenith Copy Abuja uses keyword tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Text Razor, KWFinder and Moz Keyword Explorer.

Once we have the keywords in hand, we sprinkle them in your product description. No more than once in the title, URL, alt image tag and the main product body.

Generally, there is low awareness for new products on the market. Your target audience will need more convincing to convert. Zenith Copywriters write a copy that thoroughly describes your product and increases awareness.

For brands with high buyer awareness, your product description will be short, concise and direct. We use storytelling to explain your product while reflecting the need of your consumers in the value proposition. We help visitors get to the point quickly by offering incentives with pain relief to motivate a purchase.

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Free revisions, quick turnarounds, experienced copywriters

No time wasting.  We complete your task within the stipulated time. If you are not satisfied with the copy, or you want us to make revisions, we offer one free revision per copy.

An e-commerce study published by the NNN Group revealed that 20% of purchase failures resulted from unclear or missing product information. We craft product description that drives urgency. Our online copy takes a total stranger from a position of doubt to action.

Buyers gravitate towards specific words. We use these words to sell out products on your online store. The difference between a bad product copy and a good product description is not in the length of text but the ability to convince a prospect to buy your product.

A great product description is a sales tool. We highlight the economic value or benefits gained from your service or product.

Zenith copywriters clearly communicate the fairness of the cost and the importance of the product. Our copy explains the intended use of your product. We emphasise additional benefits not offered by similar products in your niche and all relevant information the customer needs to make an informed decision.

If you’re writing your own product copies, you will struggle to convert. Zenith Copywriting Agency offers affordable writing services. We cover product brochures, electronic stores, online clothing stores and more.

Our product description is scannable and SEO-friendly. We use your buyer persona to write a product description. It will meet their unique needs while getting past all barriers to purchase.

Get access to intuitive copywriters who understand buyer behaviour.

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Copywriters who use the power of emotions to drive sales

 Consumers use emotions and rationale when buying a product. Multiple studies have shown that humans buy for emotional reasons and logic justifies the money we’re about to spend.

 We keep your buyers in mind when selling your product. Our writers conduct research to understand their motivations and trigger words they respond to.  Data from your buyer persona that guides the product description include gender, age and income level.

Emotion makes a buyer lean towards popular brands over new brands. They spend a lot of money on advertising and branding initiative. You’re competing with established brands for customers. We’ll move the spotlight on your product and generate ROI for you.

We thrive on positive energy and use it to write your website copy. Our content makes your customers happy. We maintain the momentum throughout the sales cycle. Our wordsmiths use storytelling to harness the senses and appeal to the imagination of your target audience.

There is no cheesiness in our product description copy. Our writers know the needs of your audience and strike a chord of delight. We infuse your copy with humour, awe and inspiration.

Product descriptions that boost e-commerce sales

Product descriptions can make or break sales on your online store. A distinctive copy is vital for success. If prospects do not have the complete information about the unique value your product adds to their lives, they won’t convert.

Our copywriters seduce your readers with words that clearly describe the benefits of your product. We pick the highest-value features, describe the advantages and explain how they solve a problem. The benefits will appeal to your target audience, reflect your brand’s tone of voice and persuade them to buy.

Think of our product description copy as a sales assistant. We educate your audience, answer questions and show customers how your product will benefit them. Our focus is on the solution. Your prospects have a pressing problem and they want to know how your product will address this problem. We offer solutions that maximise efficiency and improve productivity.

We also include product specifics. For instance, if you sell running shoes, we’ll include details on the colour, material, and weight of the running shoes. This information helps the customer make the right choice and minimises product returns after sales.

Unique copy for a specific audience member

Our product description is not for everyone. We’re writing to your core customers. Your copy addresses your ideal buyer directly and personally. We answer questions they might have using words they’re familiar with.

We understand that online buyers don’t have the luxury of holding the product or giving it a test run before use. Hence, we’ll help them envision the experience through imaginative copywriting that increases the desire to own the product.

Every customer has a rational barrier to a sale. Our talented copywriters use mini-stories to lower barriers and make your audience forget they’re being sold to. We include a short story of who made the product, the inspiration, how you overcame obstacles and the rigorous testing of the product.

Sensory words are a copywriter’s best friend because they engage more brain processing power to increase sales. It includes taste, sound and touch. The key is to find the right balance with powerful sensory adjectives that enrich the readers’ experience.

For readers who only skim the copy for the benefits, we use an easy to scan format. Our copywriters include bullet points to improve clarity and large subheadings that holds a promise for more.

We’ll drive sales to your online store.

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Interest statistics you should know about product description

  • increased organic traffic by 84% in one month after using freelancers to optimise product descriptions.
  • 97% of consumers say that product content is important when making a purchase decision.
  • 50% of consumers have returned a product because it didn’t match the product description.
  • 54% of consumers are unlikely to buy from a retailer after returning an item.
  • Millennials are 40% more likely to rate product content as important to purchase decisions.
  • 98% of shoppers were discouraged from completing an online purchase due to incorrect or incomplete content.

We use the power of storytelling to boost your product page conversion rates

While there is a lot of discussion on brands using storytelling at a strategic level, your business can profit by applying it at a practical level. A study by Origin of 3,000 US consumers revealed that product pages with  a story worked better. Consumers were 5% more likely to purchase and were willing to pay 6% more for the same product.

At Zenith Copy Abuja, we’ve noticed that simple stories are most effective. We include these stories at product-level to increase the perceived value of your product and drive sales. 

A few tricks we use when writing your product description include

  • We define your core buyer persona before writing
  • Know your product inside and out
  • Motivate purchases with benefits and features
  • Ensure that the product description reflects your brand’s tone of voice
  • Use bullet points to create scannability
  • Boost persuasiveness with influential words
  • Insert humour
  • Avoid clichés
  • Answer the question “why”
  • Appeal to the reader’s imagination
  • Optimise your product copy for search engines using current SEO best practices

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